The Arcturians: Visitors to the Starships

arcturiansDear Arcturians,

Why do we usually have memory loss about our visits to our Star Ships and Fifth Dimensional home worlds?

Dear Ascending Ones,

Memory loss is usually because you are having an “argument” between the part of your consciousness that wants to remember

Yeshua: Release Old Issues

yeshua eraoflightCan you laugh off your worries and fears with me in this moment?

Greetings my dearest brothers and sisters! Greetings! I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM your brother and closest friend.

I come today, and every day, so that I can step in to speak and sit with

Archangel Gabrielle: A New Way of Communicating

aa gabrielWhen you speak through your hearts dear ones, the truth comes out as pure information and love; the world needs to hear the truth at this time! 

Greetings dear ones! Greetings! I AM Gabrielle, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel of love and light, Lily of the Truth, Messenger of the One, and in service to the Mother and to you all