Montague Keen: As You Awaken

truth rising eraoflightThose who plotted against humanity are now fighting for their own existence. They never expected to find themselves in this position. You have to thank Mr Trump for this. Bravely, he did what his conscience demanded. Though the Cabal tried to kill him in Scotland, he stood firm and put humanity first. Please remember him in your prayers. He has taken on a huge task on your behalf. You only have to look at all

Sheldan Nidle: The Light Quotient Rising

light spiral gate eraoflightSelamat Ja! Many wonderful developments continue to unfold! The dark cabal remains as arrogant and uncompromising as ever. They are befuddled by your rapid upsurge in consciousness and the awakening of the general public. The Light quotient in your solar system is rising exponentially in ways they had not predicted or even thought possible. Their hold on

Navigating Volatile Energies

merkabah eraoflightThis year we’ve had so many moments of accelerated volatility and surprises, it may seem like the norm to experience these things. People can become numb to the amount of change unfolding. For you as a divine changemaker, this is not the time to go numb, pretend that what’s happening has nothing to do with you, or leave your body to escape reality. Continue reading for tips on how to find

Message from Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings: Gift of Patience

cetaceans eraoflightdotcomWe are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. We welcome you, humanity to the higher frequency realms of light, of deep waters, of unconditional love. We whales see you humanity in your continuous and seemingly never ending journey back towards the light. We wish to remind and comfort that no journey

Heavenletters: Rise to the Occasion of your Heart

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, the heart comes before the intellect. Does this disappoint you? I am the Heart of the Matter, not the intellect. The world seems to weigh in the favor of the intellect. Oh, sure, the heart can be maudlin and all that, yet the heart and consideration for all come before the intellect