Navigating Volatile Energies

merkabah eraoflightThis year we’ve had so many moments of accelerated volatility and surprises, it may seem like the norm to experience these things. People can become numb to the amount of change unfolding. For you as a divine changemaker, this is not the time to go numb, pretend that what’s happening has nothing to do with you, or leave your body to escape reality. Continue reading for tips on how to find your calm zone and make progress despite our current chaos.


Humanity is at a new threshold of change, precipitated in part by powerful planetary cycles. Some are long-term – like Saturn-Pluto that started in 1982 and Jupiter-Saturn that began in 1842. Both cycles are helping to initiate massive shifts in society and how we live together on Earth. It will be 2020 before those cycles begin a new phase.

More short term are eclipses and Mercury Retrograde – we have both going on this week. July 27 is a total Lunar Eclipse at the Supermoon, catalyzing a deep look at very old patterns and facilitating personal healing at a DNA level. The second Mercury Retrograde of 2018 begins July 25-26, too, adding an element of chaos and the potential of experiencing time warps.

5 Tips to Stay Calm

It’s not easy to stay calm when you are needing to constantly adjust to surprises in a volatile environment. Finding your calm zone, however,  is essential to successfully navigating these times.

This energy juncture could be very beneficial for you, in fact, because it allows you a bigger window of personal transformation. To maximize its potential, you will need to get calm for clarity and to access spirit’s big-picture view of your life. You will need to be calm, too, to avoid reacting to annoying happenstance.

Your energy needs to be stable in order to create stability in your life amidst the chaos.

Here are 5 things you can do to access you calm zone:

  1. stay present to what is in front of you in that moment; be with it as though it is the only thing that matters then
  2. take breaks from your routine; some breaks need to be solo so you can regroup; other breaks ideally involve socializing with others who uplift you
  3. be willing to change your priorities, in the moment if need be; flexibility is a great asset
  4. look for the silver lining in delays, missed communications, and your expanded “to do” list
  5. involve your heart when you engage with yourself and others; your heart can help you to be authentic, loving, and open to a higher view of what’s unfolding.

Keep in mind your higher purpose for being alive during this pivotal cycle in history. Bring that back into your awareness regularly, especially when life gets crazy or the world simply seems upside down.

Get ready for expanded opportunities to embody your higher purpose as we move through this unprecedented time of change. Not sure what this means right now? No worries. Simply be open to what shows up, and be prepared to take actions based on what you find. One step at a time.



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