Sananda: You Have Arrived But Only If You Believe It

sanandaI AM Sananda.

These times that we continue to come and be with you, to merge our consciousness with yours and yours with ours are becoming more and more frequent not only through this channel source but through many sources across the planet. Because the times are moving toward a new understanding, a further understanding … call it a further revealing of the truths that have been hidden

Goddess of Creation: The New Independence

starflash eraoflightThis channel took place right before Independence Day in the US which is July 4th. It actually is really interesting. The Goddess spoke about the independence we seek within ourselves and what that usually looks like. Most people consider independence to be a place where you rely on yourself and don’t need others to accomplish whatever you seek to have in life. This is true, it is a form of independence

Activating Purity Through Playing, Beauty, Nature, Happiness and Joy

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptAloha beautiful Star-Light BEing!

Learning to play like an innocent child, frolicking in nature, connecting with the FEELING and VISUAL STIMULATION of BEAUTY is an important part of our Soul Awakening process here.

I remember how much I resisted this part, because my linear me was holding

Avoiding and Treating Dehydration During the Dog Days of Summer

boostyourhealthywater eraoflightThe long hot dog days of summer have arrived, with temperatures across much of the country regularly reaching into the upper 90’s and beyond for days on end. With the heat comes a heightened risk of losing too much of our bodies fluids. Our bodies are normally about two-thirds water. When levels dip below that amount, the result can be dehydration – which means