Mother God and Saint Germaine: New Earth

divine mother eraoflightdotcomGreetings children, this is your Mother God speaking tender words of utmost encouragement tonight. For you are weary, we see this. In the quiet I am here, can you hear me? I see you, can you see me? I am all around you, children, and oh, I love you so much. You are my everything to me.

We of the Company of Heaven have eagerly watched, enthralled in your progress, your advancements, and the time of your schooling in this chapter is over. Now as you know children, there is always a great deal to learn and to explore, but this chapter of your classroom experience on the Earth plane has been completed. Now you are ready to burst forth with the wisdom and hard lessons learned, fortifying your resolve to expand yet again.

Many of you wonder why on Earth (no pun intended!) would you choose to come back after all you have experienced? Children, you have been selflessly contributing your insights, talents and fortitude to the collective, so that they may have the collective strength of resolve to pass the hurdle and dismantle the matrix together as one. It has long been that a great teacher or prophet in your midst would be the holy one of the town and ascend at the end of their life agreements. But this experience and opportunity, children, is unique. For the ascension of a collective is highly valuable experience, and quite a feather in your cap! And indeed, for all of your contributions, we thank you children. For I see how weary you are and yet you all persevere.

Now come children and rest with me. Place your head against my bosom and let me sing you a lullaby. Children, your woundings are great. But my love for you is much greater. Let me heal them, shall we, so that you can experience me fully, restored, one. Childhood woundings need not define you children. Let the strength of your faith and the tenacity of your resolve define you. Let you define you! For many of you are unsure who that “you” exactly is, as you are changing so rapidly, so quickly (and may I add so efficiently) through these massive energy waves that are engulfing precious Gaia where you live and breathe. And I see you as master surfers riding the waves with the most straight and narrow path cut through the sweet spot of the wave, where the water is cascading above you, the water below your board and you are zipping happily through the tunnel of the calm, of the bliss, riding the energy wave like that of a true master. I am so proud of you children! I always knew you could do it. I am your Mother God.


Hello friends, I am your St. Germaine. I have had many adventures here on your earth plane and what a wild and exciting ride it has been of late as well, has it not? You all have had many exciting tales of adventure in all of your cumulative lives and aspects but this one likely takes the cake!

I am your St. Germaine. Truly we all of the Company of Heaven have been working tirelessly alongside of you, our precious ground team / crew, and I am pleased to say it worked. The energies have shifted the consciousness and you ground crew have added your collective grit and strong mettle transmuting as you go with my violet flame of transmutation and it has made a marvelous difference I assure you. Please continue to use the violet flame with great tenacity for yes there is still much yet to clean and clear, but the vast majority of the work has been done in this regard, thankfully.

As St. Germaine I loved surprising party guests with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and the like. Alchemy was one of my most delightfully challenging and rewarding hobbies and I enjoyed it a great deal. You friends are master alchemists of energies. I will teach you more and you will have mentors and your galactic teams / families will have much of their own wisdom to share as well. You will have all the teachers and wisdom access that you desire for the veil is coming down fast. There is great symbolism with the tearing of the temple curtain at Christ’s death. This veil too is tearing now as the power of the Christed light and Christed frequency blasts through the matrix! See friends, symbolism and truths are all around you.

Open up and look with fresh eyes all around you and see a new world, a New Earth! This is comforting is it not, with all that we have all undergone collectively? Truly your reward is at hand. Truly we are thankful and grateful for your presence here on Gaia tonight. We see your little lights fiercely shining from up on the ships. When you come visit us at night you marvel at them, how one little light could make such a difference. And indeed friend, we assure you, that you have made that difference! I am your St. Germaine.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl