When The Ascended Masters And The Plant Kingdom Collaborate

nature summer eraoflightDear Friends,
many of you, who are following my writing since a while, are aware that I am a big fan of working with the energy fields of many different Ascended Masters. Over the past few weeks the traffic from the higher realms has strongly increased, and so its time for us to lean something new

Energy Update; The Event is Happening

gods lightHere we go friends. The great shift is in full swing now! We are being transformed from the inside out. We were one thing and now we are becoming something quite different. Upgraded humans are walking among us, we are them, they are us. We are becoming a unity consciousness race.

Evolved beyond the terrors of the third and fourth dimensions. We are rising

Who’s Afraid Of The Trump/Putin Summit?

independent media eraoflight.comPresident Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton was in Moscow last week organizing what promises to be an historic summit meeting between his boss and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bolton, who has for years demanded that the US inflict “pain” on Russia and on Putin specifically, was tasked by Trump to change his tune. He was forced to shed some of his neoconservative skin

Quantum Effects of Ascension in Eclipse Season

newlightearth eraoflightBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our higher trajectory delivers constant Source-encoded plasma for us to receive and integrate. The Solstice Gateway provided strong DNA reconnection, the effects of which continue to ripple through the collective.

As Gaia’s magnetics shift to the New Earth grids, our own magnetics are

Yeshua: The World is Shifting Its Vibration

yeshua eraoflightGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. We ask you to please place your feet upon the ground and allow yourself to connect to the beautiful grid system of the Earth Mother. It is of grave importance that you remain grounded and centered into the magnetic grid line of Mother Earth. We are not here to frighten here or to disturb you, but the world is going to become a bit more chaotic, and it is of grave

5 Best Foods And Teas For Healthy Lungs

eat light eat healthy eraoflight“Breath is the finest gift of nature. Be grateful for this wonderful gift,” says Amit Ray, the Indian author who has spent a lifetime advocating yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.

Breathing is so fundamental that we hardly need to think of it, but when it is impaired, it’s hard to think of anything else. Unfortunately, respiratory ailments like asthma, COPD and

CIA Teams Up With Defense Industry To Undermine Korea Negotiations

realnewssource eraoflightdotIn a new development that will shock no one, factions within the CIA attempted for the second time in just over a month to undermine President Trump’s peace overtures towards North Korea by leaking information calculated to decrease confidence in Kim Jong Un’s willingness to earnestly negotiate.

On June 29, 2018, NBC News released a report quoting anonymous CIA officials