The Pleiadians: Wave of Change

The PleiadesBeloved ones we greet you, There is a huge wave of change coming onto the planet this month. The Sun will go through a further repositioning in relationship to Earth. This will create an opening of a doorway, where a higher frequency of light will birth an expanded vibrational light consciousness within the planet.

We will play our role by opening a stabilization point within the planet’s core, which will enable these light vibrations to flow across your earth plane. This light is designed and destined to create and accelerate change. Through the lifting of a series of veils you will be moved into a deeper access of your Higher vibrational self.

You will begin to perceive yourself from a different perspective than you have before and life, the way you know it now, will shift. These changes will arise through a natural reconnection to your Heart, unveiling to you an aspect of your own sacred consciousness.

Know that the illusion of drama is going to continue to intensify on your planet. This is the time to stay focused on your Heart. Do not engage within the drama. Breathe and let go. You can trust the unfolding of your own vision, no matter how things appear. It is vital that you hold a steady connection within the vastness of your own Heart. You have said Yes to carry a mantle for humanity.

We witness you as you birth.


The Pleiadians.



» Source » Channel: Christine Day