Heavenletters: Rise to the Occasion of your Heart

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, the heart comes before the intellect. Does this disappoint you? I am the Heart of the Matter, not the intellect. The world seems to weigh in the favor of the intellect. Oh, sure, the heart can be maudlin and all that, yet the heart and consideration for all come before the intellect.

You have heard Me say: “Love your brother as your Self.”

You have not heard Me say: “Love your intellect as your Self.”

By all means, why not enjoy the intellect, yet never have I said that it is of the utmost to love the intellect with all your might.

I will go so far as to say to you that, had your heart always been left to its own vision and never been interfered with, it would well be on straighter than it often seems to be now.

As it is, you may give away too much of your heart, or you may hold your heart back too much. Likely, you go back and forth and left and right and are hard-pressed to get your heart on what you might call straight, that is, to be a natural heart as I made it without interference from one thing or another.

As it is, your natural generosity may have been contorted. Your heart’s natural appearance may have been imposed upon. The human heart isn’t intended to be interrogated nor to represent a consensus of the world. The human heart isn’t to be a hairdo that is to be given a permanent wave. There is no specificity that arises in Godwriting across the board.

Let go of the idea that the heart or anything is obligated to reveal itself only one correct way. There is actually only one natural way for your heart to reveal itself, and that’s the way it is.

What is natural in nature except as nature happens to reveal? Is blonde hair better than red or black? Human Beings have their favorites. Favorites may come and go in style – here today and gone tomorrow.

May freedom ring. Yes, please, beloved, let freedom ring.

Nature prefers what it prefers. What nature prefers is fairly clear. What the world prefers goes up and down according to a moment’s thought, perhaps not even a moment’s thought; more like a moment’s whim.

When it comes to God and nature as they matter to date, the sun invariably rises in the east and sets in the west. Nature goes by its own accord and doesn’t waffle.

There is consistency in nature, and typically nature doesn’t charge a fee based on a profit motive.

You might say that a flood or earthquake could cost you your life. This happens. Mostly the sun shines through the leaves, the sun warms you and the winds cool you, and of course, the night comforts you after the sun goes down.

Life generally offers you its best, by far. You may not always see it this way. Regardless, it’s a good idea that you stop a moment to say: “Thank You, God!” This is to remind yourself of God’s grace and bounty and all the beauty I do generously bestow upon all.

There are mulberries to pick in season and all kinds of fruit to gather and other delicious crops to pick. There are plenty of opportunities to pick one blessing after another.

Sometimes, bend down to thank God for the fun of it.

Today, thank God for a blue sky. Tomorrow, thank God for a cloudy sky or even a thunderclap out of the blue.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff