Archangel Gabrielle: A New Way of Communicating

aa gabrielWhen you speak through your hearts dear ones, the truth comes out as pure information and love; the world needs to hear the truth at this time! 

Greetings dear ones! Greetings! I AM Gabrielle, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel of love and light, Lily of the Truth, Messenger of the One, and in service to the Mother and to you all.

I am here to assist you in this mission of light that you are currently undertaking, in bringing forth the truth and establishing freedom on this beautiful planet.

I am here to bring you joy, and to encourage you to move boldly forward on your paths, trusting your knowing and your hearts. You do have all that it takes to be victorious and balanced at all times.

We understand that when you move into uncharted territories you might question yourselves and your ability to navigate through them successfully. Yes, some of these new spaces that you are navigating through can be shady and tricky, like moving fields of quicksand, but you do have all the tools and knowing to overcome any of these challenges and to emerge from them triumphant and stronger than before. Trust your knowing. Listen with all of your senses, yes, bring all the information that you get into your hearts, and then sit still and unshakable in your faith that you are powerful and strong.

It is time dearest brothers and sisters! It is time that you trust yourselves in every moment. Listen with your heart and know the truth of these words and of every bit of data communicated to thee. Do not take your ability to see the entire truth for granted! Do not shy away from it, even if in the moment you might not understand it! Do not cover your eyes or even worse run away from it! Let go of the fears of seeing through the illusions! Let go of the fears of being misunderstood and outcast! Let go of trying to understand how to use this information and how to convey it to others. You’ve always had the ability to see the truth and the false agendas in others! The truth was always speaking to you! But, instead of acting on the information given and standing up for your sweet souls, you have constantly compromised and diminished yourselves by avoiding looking further and more deeply into your reality. This was done out of a sense of survival and of the need to help your loved ones – earth and soul family at large – because you thought it was your duty to do so.

I am here to say to thee that it is the time to let go to all of these fears and doubts!

It is time to step out of the limitations and safeguards you feel you need to maintain for your survival. It is time to let your hearts speak in every single instance and situation. It is the time to reset your entire communication patterns!

In the past we were talking about being prudent and cautious in what you are speaking about, and about how much you are allowing others to know, about yourselves and about their reality. In the past, we were talking about meeting others where they are in their consciousness, in their ability to understand and grasp the truth, especially the ones asking you for assistance.

But now we are saying to thee that you have been upgraded, that you have been attuned to that new way of communication, a new default way of heart speaking that needs no censorship of any sorts, for it is free of judgment and any malicious unloving messaging.

When you speak through your hearts dear ones, the truth comes out as pure information and love, and your partner in conversation or the audience receiving it knows that you are conveying the truth. The energy of your words is light and free-flowing, just as is the telepathic communication that you have with your brothers and sisters, and with your guardians from the higher realms.

Believe me when I say to you that most of the time the ones that come to you are relieved when you uncover their falsehoods and manipulations. This way you are giving them the opportunity to free themselves from the entanglements of their own dense and false constructs, and the maintenance of the supporting lies that are highly draining energetically for them.

Stand neutral and nonjudgmental, allow your heart communications, sometimes spoken out loud, unhesitatingly, and with conviction, and sometimes through body language, to flow freely. This is what I am encouraging you to work with at this time. Set this intention and then – practice, practice, practice in every second of your day! Ask me to further assist you in this wonderful, brave, and sorely needed endeavor.

The world needs to hear the truth at this time!

I am addressing you in this forum, I am asking the Champions of the Truth that have been carefully chosen by the Mother Herself to come forward and heed my words!

I am with you dear hearts always, and I leave you now with bubbles of golden love and joy!




» Source » Channel: Lee Degani