Thrive in July

new earth era of lightEclipse cycles like we have in July can bring to the surface many things previously hidden in the shadows. This can be unnerving and unsettling at best. There’s a silver lining, though. Continue reading to understand how to thrive despite the discomfort and discontent that can get stirred this month.

First, for reference, those energies I just referred to are both personal and societal. No one is exempt. And no secret that society is hiding is exempt from discovery at the right time. In short the light will be shining on many themes and issues. Some truths may take a while to fully percolate for full visibility, but an energetic momentum for this will be put in motion.

On a personal level, causes and solutions for stubborn issues could become easier to fully see, face, and heal. This makes it an excellent month for all forms of healing, including the deeper work at a DNA level. It is at that level you can clear issues back through ancestry, past lives, and more. This is life-changing – for you and your family (children and ancestors).

Eclipse Information 

Eclipse dates include July 12-13 (Cancer Solar Eclipse at New Moon) and July 27 (Total Lunar Eclipse at Supermoon). There will be a build up of energy between the two eclipses. The July 27 eclipse in Aquarius will help catalyze clearing of very old patterns and belief systems within individuals. On a collective level, one issue to get the spotlight will be old-fashioned patriarchy approaches. These are already under the magnifying glass, of course, but we are likely to see an amplification of this process.

The Bigger Picture

As you approach your own spiritual transformation in July, go gently with yourself. Issues you want and need to clear are complex. Roots of issues often have multiple aspects and interwoven threads that can only be fully appreciated when you are at the end of a healing process.

As you witness the upheaval in society, do your best to apply empathy and compassion for all involved. Remember that issues are sometimes made into political themes – but the issues themselves have nothing to do with politics. Separate the two in your mind.

Most things that need changing on the Earth are connected to conditioned ways of being we inherited and learned throughout lifetimes. Conditioning over thousands of years taught people to fear the other, want power over the other, and feel inadequate compared with others. At the core of every being, however, love is the unstoppable energy that fuels awakening and connection with all beings.

Division Within Society

I go into these themes more in my “Predictions 2018” eBook focused on the division within our global society. In that book, I outline key reasons to have hope – for yourself and for humanity.

What You Can Do

Eclipse cycles by their very nature can be intense for reasons described above. The optimal way to view and move through them, though, is with lightheartedness and openness. Not always easy, to be sure. But do your best to find something fun or amusing daily.

Reach out with a listening ear to others who you sense could use your wisdom, comfort, or simply a sounding board. Sometimes the best thing you can do, in fact, is to become really present and actively listen to someone. Responses aren’t always necessary. It’s the deep listening that is in short supply in our society today. Give someone that and notice what opens up.



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