Unraveling & Untangling Your Mind & Entire Matrix Program

thebluerayAs “old” REALities are unraveled, it’s important to understand certain things, for this journey of exiting/transitioning over to all new REALities can be done consciously or unconsciously, which dictates HOW all is EXPERIENCED by each.

These increases in PHOTONIC LIGHT/ACTIVITY “work through” all. They “work through” and “weave through” and “seek out” our CONSTRUCTS and FOUNDATIONS FOR OUR REALITIES and completely RE-WORK THEM for/with/within us.

The human ego’s auto-response (and primal instinct) is to try harder, to try to hold on, to try to control more, to try to force more, to try to keep it all together, while that inner knowing that all is “slipping” and could “come crashing down/fall apart” in any moment, is a part of many’s process of awakening here, because it’s how the separated-ego dissolves. In a 3D/4D Matrix Construct, there is a feeling that all is unraveling and that no matter how hard we “try”, at some point all is going to give way…. this too is an important part of the awakening process, for in the moment that all gives way, a new way is forged and opened up…. and those ego matrix programs break down even more.

We can’t “tell” the human aspect that their entire reality is going to be re-worked, (because they don’t want to hear it), that all that they’ve “worked hard for“, was just a part of an illusion and that all they “thought”, which is not actually “true”. We can’t “tell” the human aspect HOW DEEP THIS JOURNEY OF OUR SOUL EMERGING TAKES US, because of the amount of resistance, the amount of fight (struggle) to hold on to their current realities, which the human aspect doesn’t want to hear that their whole reality is BUILT on beliefs, emotions and programming held deep within, held together (the glue) by fear, judgment, insistence, stubbornness, refusal to listen to NEW LIGHT INTELLIGENCE that obliterates the old realities as they were. We can’t tell them anything…. we have to GO ON AND SHOW THEM… and just let each figure it out themselves, be ready to open up and listen, learn to APPRECIATE and RESPECT in all new ways….. which only usually occurs once one’s entire reality has “collapsed” (reconfigured through Quantum Light Codes & Geometrics) and they “glimpse” “new truth” to open their hearts to MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE too.

So, because we’ve realized, through repeated realities… that occur over linear years of time, because we’ve shared for years and most were not ready to listen then… we went go on. Because we realize it’s not our job to ‘save’ in the ways others would perceive, that it’s our “job” (agreement to fulfill Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions here) to SHARE THE INFORMATION that assists each with CHOOSING how they desire to actually experience their own Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience, so that is what we’ve done and continue to do.

Human aspects don’t realize, that until their reality is TOUCHED (affected) in a way that GETS THEIR ATTENTION (opens their heart fully), they are completely closed off, don’t want to listen/know or care…. they don’t understand, or care, that their realities have to evolve too and they they have to do this journey, just like we all did… because THEIR SOUL is ready to FULLY AWAKEN FROM WITHIN THEIR BODIES and WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE….. now…. They don’t actually care enough to observe their own separation/duality and do anything about it, because it “threatens” their current realities of what they “want” to believe (the appearance of safe/don’t challenge me or make me actually feel or do anything)…. because they live in “real”ities in their heads of “prove to me first” or “let me make sure I’m covered before I open up to listen/share/do”….

Human aspects want to “fix” their realities first, before they actually ACT…. they hold on out of FEARS that they don’t realize are a belief system housed in the cells of their bodies, because they allow the outside reality to dictate, instead of seeing the outside as a REFLECTION BACK of what is already going on inside, and they mastered overriding their feelings, unconsciously overriding their higher self/Universal guidance/selves, by letting their ego-self run the show….. not REALizing that the aspect/voices/energy that they listen to, actually CAUSES the physical to take form, which is what our human aspect calls “experiences” (or “Lessons” to teach the human ego aspect something)…..

Human aspects won’t budge, until the foundation of their realities are rocked, shaken or stirred,until the entire reality distorts or goes “haywire” (Quantum) and their current reality is so overwhelming/VIBRATIONALLY LOUD that they don’t have a choice but to stop, listen or open up to see….. They’ve planted their minds firmly in their current belief systems and are holding on for dear life, pointing the finger (playing out their own victim/blame energy/karma games and scenarios), because their FEARS of actually doing what they know is aligned, appears “worse/harder” than continuing to comply and hold on for dear life to the old ways still…..

Human aspects function from a limited state of consciousness, which correlates to an unconscious state. These unconscious programs and beliefs are each’s akashic records, held deep within each’s cellular body and cleansed/cleared by way of the RELEASE OF THE EMOTIONAL ENERGY STORED, which often is FELT THROUGH PHYSICAL PAIN…. The human aspect avoids this at all costs, fearing pain, fearing feeling, fearing because they judge, fearing being open, looking vulnerable, fearing what they “believe” others think, because they don’t yet understand that “those others” are only speaking/transmitting back what they already hold inside… and the only way to clear the program is to go straight into it, to see it for what it is… a matrix program, a construct, a belief, a story, a need/seeking something to validate/acknowledge, built on ENTIRELY UNCONSCIOUS DIMENSIONS… where every reality is not actually true.

THE ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM is an intricate system, woven through each’s life in ways that are only VISIBLE AS ONE OBSERVES FULLY and fully takes the blinders off. The entire MATRIX PROGRAM was housed within each, held together by fears and lack, self-serving agendas that didn’t care a bit about hUmaNITY… because that’s what the Matrix is/was…. It is a program, a simulation, a big ole huge TEST, and initiatory passageway to AWAKEN THROUGH and to… It’s this beautiful and ugly intricacy, that is woven, embedded and incorporated into our lives, because unconsciously, we didn’t have a CLUE…. yet now all will/do….

CLEARING THE COSMIC AKASH.... this is the ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM and EVERY SYSTEM built from/on/through UNCONSCIOUSNESS…. the entire 3D/4D perceptions of REALity…. and yes, realities are PERCEPTIONS…. they are subjective and they CHANGE in every nano-second here. The only thing that HELD THEM TOGETHER WAS BELIEF, sub-ordinance, complacency and compliance… and a refusal to actually open our hearts fully to be able to accept and see and then to actually DO SOMETHING…. which means taking full responsibility for what each allows, supports, invests in, participates in and keeps creating to occur….

Every moment now is PHOTONS PHOTONS PHOTONS…. which activate and distort, amplify, enhance, make all louder and allow each all new illusions/dreams/realities to actually WALK IN AND EXPERIENCE HERE…. ones that REPLACE THE OLD ONES, the ones that were allowed to function based upon fears…. photons re-wire and recode our entire physical make-up, giving each the ability to OBSERVE EVERYTHING on a Quantum Level and CHOOSE what they really “want” reality to be….

Human (ego) aspects don’t choose the unknown, don’t like surprises or anything they can’t touch/prove/control…. our realities are the opposite… they are magical, dreamy, beautiful and REAL, yet they are all built on all new foundations of UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, instead of the separation programs, systems and energies of the old…. Our realities ARRIVE/MATERIALIZE in new colors, enhanced experiences that are PURE…. they support our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES, all of ours, in every way…. and look nothing like the old. Our realities are kind, caring, respectful and everyone shares… not because there is lack and each is in “need”, yet because there is immense abundance, because our hearts are open and we live from a state of consciousness that is infinite abundance… which “shows up” in our realities for us… because we truly care, because we do this work, because we continue, every moment of every day to open those gateways and hold them open, to open those portals and explore, to open up all that’s always available to us all, because we are not making excuses, waiting for others to figure it out/get their selves together, finish playing out their human-ego-programming; Instead, we are honoring everyone’s journey for all that they chose to experience here… and we are honoring ours… fully….

WE didn’t stop because others had doubt, criticized, didn’t believe, reciprocate, support or care enough to want to be a part of NEW EARTH… we went on and we created, birthed and in every moment, anchored immense light within ourselves and our entire physical reality too. We didn’t wait for others to “decide” when it was comfortable, because to the ego, this will never be comfortable (that’s the point), yet as the ego dissolves (is put to bed/rest), it no longer “gets a choice”, because it IS THE ENTIRE MATRIX PROGRAM and it’s on each one of us to REALIZE THIS…. because OUR REALITIES DEPEND ON THIS…. for each one of us…. to change Matrixes…..

Our entire physical body is a massive and intricate SYSTEM that operates on PROGRAMS and CODES… It’s like evolving from Windows 3.1 to a Mac to a Quantum Computer, an intelligent LIFE FORM that processes data, codes and information as LIGHT….. our entire body has a template (Operating System), every organ, muscle, bone, particle has to be re-coded….. from Linear to Quantum…. from fixed to open aligned flow, from a virus to a brilliant intelligence that can’t be “affected” by the old anymore…. our entire body LINKS UP TO OUR FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS, which at first , for physical body ascension to occur, builds a Merkaba (which occurs over much linear “time), WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY each cell is breaking down linear constructs and building it’s own Merkaba too. Then, for full-blown Multi-Dimensional Quantum Existence… reconstructs to become intricate, constantly changing/evolving StarGate Systems, that communicate with every cell of our bodies, from every cell in our bodies, interchangeably….

Our bodies are constantly clearing old programming, yet eventually instead of it being so physical (and big), it’s just photonic energy dissipating through holographic access through a FIELD. As our bodies reconfigure constantly, we have to adjust how we live our lives here. We have to learn to RESPECT these immense EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES that allow us all to “leave the old”. Yet to leave the old with your body, you have to leave it with your emotions, your mentalities, your fixed beliefs… FIRST, otherwise, your body/reality will re-configure for you, yet your human ego aspect will still be trying to hang on to a reality that no longer exists… which is where “suffering” comes in, because each is disconnected within and re-connection is REQUIRED to TRANSCEND THE OLD FULLY here.

The Evolution of the Consciousness of hUmaNITY is a huge process of ALL of HUmanity waking up. This is where we are now. This is each playing out their own Matrix Programs (which then links up to collectives), to resolve where the programs (emotions/mentalities) are housed in each physical body still. The human ego aspect doesn’t realize that the only way the Entire Matrix is still real, is if they keep it place in their lives, with their unconscious actions, through their fears and that there is an entirely different Matrix Now (Plasma Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth), and entirely new networking system offering freedom, joy, peace, physical abundance and re-unites us all on a Cosmic Level as Star-Light-Soul BEings here in physical form, that replaces the old ones completely, yet for each to change/switch Matrixes, each has to first realize and accept this.  ♥

With love from LeMUria, Our NEW Earth REALities and our HOME STAR SYSTEMS,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I’m working on a article to share regarding the increased over-stimulation/overwhelm that can occur with these increasing Photonic Light Activations (and will with each phase, yet differently), as each’s body awakens to FEEL more for awhile. Each LightBody phase has a more finely-tuned nervous system/neural networking system and immune system, than it did before. It’s important for each to understand this, so that each can care for/support their body as it evolves through Ascension processes/phases and Multi-Dimensionality as it occurs now. ♫

p.p.s. The ENTIRE Earthly Human Experience is ONE BIG PROGRAM. The illusion/dream that you walk/live/exist in/through, is determined by each. In order to choose consciously, maneuver and master it, each must fully come to accept and understand this. It’s through identifying the vibrational frequency and energy of all, that we can realize which Matrix we are living in/on… Old Earth or NEW (or somewhere in-between for awhile). First each has to acknowledge …. 



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