Our Photonic Light Bodies Continue to Evolve

soul light eraoflightThe Only TIME you will not be happy and free, is when you have an unconscious Matrix Program to clear fully from within… Every “Real”ity you experience has a Matrix to it and it’s held within the/your/our physical bodies. The entire Old Earth Matrix program is held within each’s Cosmic Akash, which correlates to Gaia’s & Our Universe/Galactic Cosmic Akash). In order to transcend the entire Matrix Program of Old Earth, each must fully clear all “levels” of (your) Akashic Records, that make up the different “levels” of the Matrix (Programs, Systems, Structures) and how all is housed in your physical body form, linking up to the Dimensions of Earth that you occupy physically, as well as vibrate in and out of on a cellular level.

Photonic Light Existences change how we see, perceive, understand and experience “Real”ity here… where all becomes Quantum.

Our Earth(ly) Experience is now fully Photonic Light Based, where density is MUCH different than before. This has been true, yet continually substantially increases/accelerates as we go. Photonic Light changes the actual properties of your physical make-up, as it works differently than carbon-based realities did before. As your bodies evolve in Light, your Light Quotient (Consciousness) dictates all. This goes beyond anything once understood on any human level, because human aspects can’t “see” photons, can’t “read” photons, can’t maneuver photons and can’t function on a photonic level, because their actual physical body functions on a linear platform still.

Full integration is necessary for Evolving as LIGHT, as well as re-learning everything, on a Quantum Level. A whole new existence that is Quantum, where linearity is minimal and only applicable in certain circumstances, like adhering to the “perception of time”, which becomes vibrational too, or correlating how all is relates to the physical reality, in order to INFLUENCE, dictate, master, change the physical through the application of Quantum Physics, as a whole new existence emerges for each, from within. ​​

As we continue to “move” higher and higher vibrationally, in/through a myriad of continually oscillating Cosmic Light Frequencies, SOULar activity, Ultra-sonic frequencies, Atomic Code and molecular structure re-writing frequencies, High Frequency Waves and Photonic SOULar winds and other magnetic field re-coding and re-calibrating frequencies… how we navigate life and every moment changes…

As all “move/are moved” from an “external focus” to an inner-focused reality to then shift to an “observable inner/outer reality” that correlates to your inner reality and what you transmit out, all reality changes…. and shifts to a multi-dimensional one. The external is no longer the focus, as Mastering the Physical is through each’s ABILITIES to tune-in completely to the vibration, energy and “movement” of/through all. On NEW Earth, the entire physical reality is RELATIVE to how each “moves” energy, stores energy, builds energy, spends energy, focuses energy, shares energy, utilizes energy, respects energy, communicates energy, directs energy… all from an inner reality that INFLUENCES AND AFFECTS the physical through FULL Quantum States of Consciousness…..

Human aspects don’t understand ENERGY, on the Quantum Level, because it challenges their entire belief system and requires that the brain and body be completely re-wired, on a bio-electrical level, which links up to their own FULLY CONSCIOUS ENERGY FIELD, which is influenced/affected as each ALLOWS.

Disruptions create an interruption in the Unified Field of Full Consciousness, which is why each one of us have to minimize these, and at times, cut them completely out. This is because, these vibrational disruptions will actually inner-fear with your capability to function, produce, accomplish, maintain and transmit out what is necessary to build, hold, maintain/sustain your own current New Earth realities, and on a grander scale, what you came here to BE and DO for all of hUmaNITY….

Disruptions are created by unconsciousness, which emanate out from a lack of presence, self-awareness, respect, caring, focus and harmonic contribution. Human aspects have no idea that their whole body transmits out a myriad of programs, constantly, for them… on a cellular level, which triggers/activates the physical to respond. We do, as we can hear/see/feel/read these programs, bio-electrical & bio-magnetic impulses that communicate through the FIELD, that humans call “air”. (It’s only the Unified when all are Unified within the field. Human ego disrupts this unified field, therefore it’s no longer a Unified Field of Full Consciousness i.e. Experience until each brings the entire reality/field/experience into full consciousness again). Our breathable air is different, it’s an atmosphere of Light Particles, waves, photons, crystals, plasma, it’s an inner-active, breathing, alive reality too, and it is visible and interactive in a multitude of ways… Our atmospheres become our responsibility (inside & out), to observe, maintain, align… re-tuning constantly, to dissolve, transform and completely change the entire vibration of our cells. (Selves = Cells). Our atmospheres are relative to the physical dimension our physical body is capable of achieving on a multi-dimensional level. The more photonic Light we Embody, the more our atmospheres change. Literally.

The higher the frequency, the less the human body can stay awake. The more light, the more we have to purposefully fully integrate, so that our bodies can function AS LIGHT. The more light, the more our body and field are re-wired constantly to function in all new ways, the more our physical reality re-works itself FOR US, in RESPONSE to our “new” OVERALL VIBRATION, where our cells and body and field are synchronized to function in a much higher vibrational frequency REALITY than before. The ability to purify, clear, cleanse and dissolve/resolve all into PURE LOVE, to hold this LOVE at all times and transmit out all new realities, takes all of our focus, dedication, caring and constant awareness and our ability to stand in our own Power, say no and allow all that is not ready/no longer able to fully align…. let it go. It also means being ready for all new realities constantly and doing what we see, in order to move through realities in all new ways too. It means a total re-write of what we perceive reality to be….

Multi-dimensionality starts one way and completely evolves from there, because our actual ability to walk in, experience and activate all new realities are accomplished through the amount of PHOTONIC LIGHT that we can hold (EMBODY), which affects how reality appears, responds, sounds, feels and IS.

Photonic Light distorts and amplifies (and re-structures) everything, so that we each can finally SEE what was not visible before. It amplifies the distortions continually until they are SO loud, that one cannot refuse to acknowledge their existence anymore. Photonic light BENDS THE LENS OF ILLUSIONS, so that when one “looks out”, they see exactly what they (may or may not realize) they believe, because the belief for that experience is buried in their cells, supported by feelings/emotions and mentalities of lack. Lack of deep inner connection, lack of self-love and love for each other (balanced and pure), lack of appreciation, gratitude, kindness, caring, respect, integrity (on a Soul Level), lack of TRUST and listening to that inner knowing over what the fractaled unconscious aspects “think it needs” and “wants”. The ENERGY OF Fear, control, manipulation, hiding, selfishness, greed, fixed mentalities focused on the physical are what dictate(d) those old earth realities. Where each allows themselves to be “controlled” by these “subliminal” “threats”. It’s each’s journey to awaken to REALIZE and CHOOSE what is going to dictate/influence that which each calls “reality”….

Each’s body has “auto-responders” for awhile, this is the current level of consciousness of the body, until each realizes this. These auto-responders are fears, protection mechanisms, defense mechanisms “against” what each PERCEIVES as a “threat”, when in essence, those things are what each ALLOWS to be considered reality, yet as each fully pulls away/steps back to observe, clears their field of the vibrational influences that “‘lend” to these beliefs, allows their physical body to raise it’s vibration OUT OF THAT FREQUENCY BANDWIDTH, they start to realize that is not reality, that’s a belief that each participates in, supports and they start to realize that the only way “that” is reality is if they “LEND” THEIR ENERGY to that, support it with their beliefs, allow it to keep occurring, which is where each’s HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS COMES IN.

Amplified distortions bring all clarity (and new power), yet not in the way our human ego aspect would want. These distortions represent aspects of ourselves, programs that we hold, created and allowed, our old limited perceptions and REQUIRE that we shift our own vibration, completely, clear the energy of “that” and make decisions AS OUR HIGHEST ASPECTS/SELVES… as to what we CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE AS ACTUAL REALITY…. so that the actual atoms and molecules of reality can take new shape and form (materialization) to “appear” and arrive in our physical reality, for a much more in-JOYable experience than we ever knew possible before.

Photonic Light Fields/Atmospheres/Realities are how INSTANT MANIFESTATION/ MATERIALIZATION occurs, as a RESPONSE to what we hold. Increased photon(ic) activity (inside and out), decrease the “delay” and increase the “speed” at which particle matter takes actual form.

Photonic Light emits from our cells, as our Quantum LightBody awakens (and evolves through stages) and we hold this/our immense Light from inside. It has different “properties” than our old carbon-based bodies did and functions COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY than the bodies we birthed/walk into here. As our Photonic Bodies activate, all becomes ENERGY, yet our carbon based bodies have to completely re-work themselves, continually, to keep moving to much higher vibrational (Light’r Density) Dimensions. This is an immense process, so it takes our total awareness and presence, to honor an intricate process that “goes against” everything we once “thought we knew” before.

Photonic Light has different “weight properties” that changes the mass/matter of all physical density make-up, which moves all from Physically Dense Realities to Gravitational Space Matter Realities. Your Photonic Light Body is relative to the TYPE OF PHYSICAL MATTER MASS ratio/quotient, the amount of activating and developed Crystalline Cells and your Lighter Density Structures (teeth, bones, muscles), as well as how your purified organs, blood and glands, flesh and skin work with your “new LightBody” vs. your old human body. Your NEW PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY is a continually evolving bio-electrical-organism, re-wiring, re-coding, re-constructing, as photonic light works through your body/cells and breaks down the old STRUCTURES of your entire body, which is why so much “down-time” is necessary at first. To transition your physical body to a LightBody to a Crystalline LightBody to a Plasma Crystalline LightBody to a Purely Photonic LightBody is a massive, intricate process… and our CURRENT EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES WE ARE ALL NOW IN….

Not a “thing” of the “future”, as we all once “thought”, not a “thing” of later or one day…that’s a linear human perception of “because I can’t see if, understand it or prove it” MY WAY, then it’s not happening. It IS NOT ONLY HAPPENING, it has been, our whole earthly lives here, we just didn’t fully understand it, because we actually had to go through it to explain it, teach it, share the knowledge (Light Intelligence) of the “how” (and for human’s “when”), gaining access through a Purification Process that we/each/all undergo. Every one/thing is going through this EVOLUTION AS LIGHT, yet the ability to understand is through a FULLY READY and OPEN PURE heart and PURE mind, with PURE motives (purposes), fully ready to embrace that which each’s SOUL KNOWS, so that each’s EXPERIENCE can be understood easier for EASE to be each’s experience here.

Everywhere one isn’t ready to listen, doesn’t want to give credit to what doesn’t “appear” to have any proof, then each will choose an experience of “LEARNING THROUGH DIRECT EXPERIENCE”, versus the ease of a Quantum Energy/Holographic one, which is determined by the ego, which transmits out a different set of frequencies, which then shapes the reality each experiences to continually awaken through.

The beauty of HIGHEST DIMENSIONAL EVOLUTION, is that everything IS GOING TO OCCUR EXACTLY as each Soul chose, each aspect allows, where REALities are configurations on a Quantum Geometric level, that take shape in response to the amount of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE & PURE SOURCE LIGHT that each HOLDS, is able to EMBODY of their own Soul. Every experience is a vibrational response, every reality is a PROGRAM transmitted on a cellular level out, every reality is a photonic return to SHOW EACH THEIR OWN LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS THAT THEY FUNCTION FROM…. and each dimension has different parameters for “how” realities vibrationally correspond/respond.

The more Photonic Light Each can integrate, the Lighter the density, the “faster” the physical re-aligns, because the “signals of transmissions are clear/clean”. The density of the physical body correlates to the density of the dimension each’s body is “bound to” (vibrationally). The “heaviness” or the “lightness” is relative to each’s allowance, identification and utilizing POWER OF CHOICE. When one chooses not to deal, not to step up and into their roles, or to hold on out of fear, then density becomes HEAVY in the body, as it’s the mentalities, beliefs and emotions that are weighing each “down” and anchoring them in that dimensional reality to start with. CHOOSING TO RELEASE the heaviness (density/separation), choosing to anchor POWERFUL AND HEAVY PHOTONIC LIGHT into the body, changes one’s physical density. Photonic light, as it distorts, amplifies and affects the GRAVITY of all, ultra-sonic comes through and amplifies gravity too, where as photonic waves create ease, simplicity and flow, opening the heart, relaxing the mind, whereas gamma stimulates, awakens and expands in a different way (for the human aspect this creates the appearance of chaos”, whereas particle acceleration creates a different physical experience, there are infinite PHOTONIC ACTIVATIONS, and DIRECTING PHOTONIC LIGHT to influence the physical reality is entirely different than our old existence of need, lack, survival, manipulation and control.

The more one tries to manipulate, the more the UNIFIED FIELD now responds with “NO”. The more one tries to control, the faster things appear to “fall apart”. This “falling apart” is the dismantling of that unconscious/out-of-alignment reality, as the codes for that reality have dissolved, yet the human ego was still trying to hold on. The “new realities” are occurring on a Quantum Cellular Level and can “lock in” as each is ready to fully embrace, and shift their own entire vibration to a much higher vibrational plane of conscious existence. The reconstruction/reconfiguration process occurs through the integration of Quantum Geometrics & Light Codes. The more one tries to ignore, not listen, not choose or keep supporting the old in any way (with their energy/resources/fears/lack/things), the LOUDER THOSE REALITIES will become, because we LIVE IN A PHOTONIC COSMOS/COSMIC REALITY NOW…. in a Quantum Universe/Multiverse/Galaxies, where everything converges here, where realities are no longer “ruled” by the old earthly rules, they are all ruled by Cosmic ones, which RESPOND completely different than OLD UNCONSCIOUS linear (separation/duality) realities did. These responses are QUANTUM – photonic and all energetic, vibrational and a RESPONSE to what we each hold as REALity from inside….

I’ve not had the chance to write the article on “Metabolizing Cosmic Solar (SOULar) Rays” within the physical body yet, or all of the other important articles that assist with these vibrational frequencies we are now in. As each truly starts to understand that “time” is ENERGY, that everything is ENERGY, when you devote your ENERGY to accomplishing all that you agreed to on a Soul Level before ever incarnating here, you don’t tend to have any “extra” time anymore, so we actually have to step back from all of the work that we do (on a Quantum Scale) and re-structure our realities continually too. This changes how much we can actually “DO” for everyone continually, as Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers have additional “jobs” that take precedence over what anyone “wants” from us. We have to let a lot go and focus our energy on what we see is most important for the whole. Others never understand our realities, unless they work/live IN UNISON with us, for all to tune their own vibration on a multi-dimensional level to live Quantum Existences (completely non-linear) too. Only those who “do this” too “full-time”, can even start to understand, and then RESPECT in a whole new way, because they’ve learned (come to realize) what it takes to fulfill these highest purposes/roles/missions in the physical here too.

The transition from the old linear earth to NEW QUANTUM EARTH – WITH OUR WHOLE BEING/BODY – is a huge one, that has infinite processes and phases to accomplish/complete. As collectives awaken to what was unconscious within them and their own reality, playing out whatever phase/level of awakening each is in, as collective hearts open and each’s HUMANITY comes through, as each embraces themselves as PURE SOURCE LIGHT too, and Unites as Love and through Purity Consciousness, the physical re-codes and restructures for accordingly each. As each lets go/resolves those distorted feelings/beliefs of their own ego constructs and chooses to resolve/dissolve the energy held fully from within, the transition is soooooo much easier, because each is TRULY READY TO FULFILL their own highest purposes/roles here. As each is truly ready to UNITE as LOVE, over separation/duality realities of the unconscious old… life for each becomes magical, beautiful, vibrant, fulfilling, amazing, simple and yes, easy….

Unity Consciousness brings forth ease, abundance, prosperity, benevolence and strengthens the NEW EARTH NETWORKS that are already existent, by each contributing, sharing and supporting in all new ways. As each gets fed up and done with the old, they choose to “do” something, which is a huge part of how this process works. The “doing” is different though, as it’s from a refusal to allow the old to BE REALity anymore, it’s from a beautiful space of LOVE, which becomes each’s power, strength, determination, courage and willingness to CREATE/ANCHOR/MATERIALIZE all new realities for all of us here. The “doing” is from this totally connected place inside, where peace, purity of heart/mind/body and kindness/caring/generosity exist. It’s through each’s REALization that reality is as we HOLD IT TO BE, it’s how we show up, it’s how we present ourselves, it how we treat each other… as Cosmic Family, recognizing each other from our various Star Systems, from our Celestial Essence, from our LeMUrian and “clean” Atlantean/Egyptian/Galactic existences and realizing that the physical Earth we reside on, is the one we vibrate at the frequency of….

Duality creates separation, which is necessary for each to come to be able to see. For the human ego aspect, until they are faced with extreme duality, they/we tended to “ignore” it or not be able to fully SEE it before.

DUALITY PRESENTS so that each can resolve Duality from within. Once each identifies the dualistic programs held INSIDE, often by way of observing the inner & outer simultaneously, then duality can be dissolved inside and “replaced” with Unity practices, which evolve to become your natural way of existing in every moment and exchange. Duality is your polarity and it’s there to show you what you were not able to see/accept before. You/each one of us have the ABILITY to resolve this instantly, when we are fully consciousness, present and WILLING to CARE enough to do so, because we REALize how important this is, for all of hUmaNITY here.

I love you…. after days of high photonic activity, we now begin to shift into the next phase. July is focused on INNER-COURAGE, with a portal that opened up last week to start leading us into the LION’S GATEWAY. The whole month of July, is important for each FREEING themselves from the old bonds, the old prisons (mentalities/emotions) and any old SLAVE MENTALITIES still held inside (and represented in the external). As each en-trained themselves to live/build a life/existing within a 3D/4D matrix experience, they will now in-train themselves to a 5D (and wayyyyyy beyond) Experience, through the CONTINUAL activation of, integration of and Embodiment of PURE SOURCE LIGHT.

July is focused on FREEDOM, yet on a multi-dimensional level, we correlate this in a multitude of ways. July is again, preparing each for what’s next (which is how this will always be)…. so honor all that you SEE, FEEL and DO TRULY DESIRE to experience, honor all that your body tells you it needs, honor the need to pull away or dance, play and inJOY, the connections that present, the opportunities that present, the changes that you SEE to MAKE in order to lighten your load, re-structure your own reality, more aligned with your own Higher Selves/Universal/Soul/Cosmic you….

You are no longer here to align to a physical reality, as your physical realigns for you as you do.

See the imbalances, see the distortions, see what you used to believe/allow, where you put your trust/faith in anything “outside” of you, gave your own inner-power away to (your mentality/your beliefs), yet are not willing to anymore, see what is NOW IMPORTANT in the scheme of all things, what’s now important, as your priorities are visible by your FOCUSED ENERGY, so if you are “wasting” your energy, not respecting each other and yourselves, if you are “spending” your “time” (energy) caught up in the drama of unconscious programming, then you are letting your victim-you lead your show. If you are INVESTING your energy in things out of survival, just-get-by, lack or need, or “have to’s” and regurgitated stories carried forth from anywhere other than the Depths of your Soul, then you are going to deplete, break down, be exhausted, because you are not RESPECTING YOUR OWN LIGHT (BODY) and how it needs to rest, rebuilt, generate, connect, FUCNTION and move. Each will start to realize more and more that our LightBodies run on Light (Love, respect and all new parameters, which is Quantum and not linear anymore). Our LightBodies have to go offline, so our Crystals can activate/RECODE, so that our cells can break-down and re-build, so that our body and our field can synchronize, so that when the entire process is complete (this can take as long as your body says), then you’ll come back online ready to rock and roll and function in a new Quantum Flow. You will have to let a lot go, so you can focus your PRECIOUS ENERGY and FULLY contribute to NEW EARTH, while recognizing old earth realities as they present for you. You will also be able to identify infinite dimensions “out there”, that won’t affect your current dimensional experience, unless you desire it too OR UNLESS YOU STILL HOLD A PROGRAM INSIDE OF YOU that needs to be activated, agitated, triggered, become visible for you to hear/see/feel/observe/understand….

As you are truly ready to fully align your own REALities… the physical will definitely respond! ♥

With love from Kauai,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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