7/7/18 Energy Information

thebluerayThe flow of photon light frequencies is peeking over this month before they start to drop back.

The light is covering Gaia: all sacred spaces, portals and vortexes are being flooded, swamped, and bombarded by this deluge of SUN light frequency.

Where there are portals, vortexes and sacred spaces that have been created by all light people it is pouring into these, expanding and becoming greater; it is making the up grade and magnetic shift in Gaia peak.

July is the last month of this year; a new one starts in August in the higher realms and frequencies and this is part of it, every year at this time the higher beings set up a year plan.

This is part of the 888 Lion Gate as well coinciding with these last pulses coming for the new earth light frequency.

The energy will start to slowly drop back now, this is like a big wave in the ocean, as it comes in to shore it brings stones, rock, and creatures in with it, as it recede it will leave a ridge or line of debris behind.

Our wave has brought in light codes/ language, knowledge, imagination, information, and understanding, as it recedes it will leave a ridge or line of information.

This wave is lifting our light right up and is giving as much information in the collective and people as possible, then as it retreats the information that we have integrated during this period will remain and surface into reality.

Its three steps forwards and two steps back system, but the one we retain will bring about a big change in the way the collective and people will start to be able to think, know and feel differently.

We are at the beginning of this process the steps will be small to start with.

We want to share this so the connection will be exponential.
Thank you for reading this please can you anchor and give out as much light as possible.


» www.EraofLight.com » Via Barbara Neville