Chiron Retrograde in Aries 2018

spiral starWe have just entered the Chiron retrograde time of year. This one is particularly powerful for both individuals and relationships, as it starts at 2’ Aries and then moves back into the final degrees of Pisces on September 26th, reaching 27’ Pisces when it goes direct again in December. Chiron re-enters Aries, on Feb 18th 2019.

As Chiron moves back in the sky (symbolically), we are invited to re-appraise old hurts connected with our sense of self (Aries) and with our connection with others (Pisces). Chiron Retrograde transits re-awaken pockets of stuck energy that feel uncomfortable and at times painful. Hence we often try to avoid looking at them. Yet, if we ignore them, they tend to fester and grow bigger. Whereas if we allow them to surface, we can face the underlying issues. This allows their powerful hold on us to lessen and we can release their energy, thereby make space for new life.

Effectively there are two phases to this retrograde to consider in our relationships:

Chiron Retrograde through Aries: from now until Sept 27 2018:
As with all retrogrades, we are invited to re-view, re-assess and re-consider, issues that arose within ourselves and in our relationships that initially came to light when Chiron first visited these same degrees between April 18th and July 4th 2018.

Core themes related to Chiron in Aries in relationships include: issues to do with developing a core sense of self – are we looking for the ‘perfect relationship’ to avoid doing our own inner work? Are we holding the other person/people in our lives responsible for our wellbeing? Are we blaming others for relationship challenges and avoiding looking at our part? Are we fearful of being interdependent in relationships? Do we unconsciously play the ‘child needs rescuing’ role in our relationships.

Healing with Chiron in Aries starts with self-empowerment, so that we can be in relationships with others, as equals.

Chiron Retrograde through Pisces: Sept 27th – Dec 9th and direct once more through Pisces: Dec 9th – Feb 18th 2019:
During this time we will be re-assessing issues that first arose in the period between May – Sept 2017.

Core themes related to Chiron in Pisces in relationships include issues to do with an existential sense of loneliness – are we seeking ‘the magical other’ to merge with, in an attempt to assuage our loneliness? Are we projecting our desire for a connection with something beyond us, onto our human relationships? Are we attracted to emotionally unavailable partners as a way of avoiding the mundane aspects of human relationships?

Healing with Chiron in Pisces starts with loving ourselves unconditionally and recognizing our interconnection with others on an energetic plain, whilst also being aware that separation and individuation are part of our human existence.

The above themes are particularly relevant if transiting Retrograde Chiron aspects key planets and/or angles in your natal or composite chart. If you have natal or composite Chiron in the early degrees of Aries, or the last degrees of Pisces, you are in the midst of your Chiron Return. This is a powerful opportunity to release any energy blocks as outlined above. MG



» Source » Margaret Gray, MSW. and Armand Diaz, Ph.D., set up ‘Relationships and Astrology’ in 2016. They offer relationship astrology consultations to individuals, couples and families, as well as courses in Relationship Astrology. They can be contacted