New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July 12th, 2018; Ascension Process

full moon 7 eraoflightThe New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse on July 12th, 2018 at 11:47pm ADT. is a transformational PORTAL ~ that you will be entering.

This is a Powerful Transition into the stepping into the awareness of your Divine Ascended Self ~ fully realized. The levels of transformative powers through this New moon, Pluto and Partial Solar Eclipse, will allow any fears hidden, to surface.

When fears arise the release may feel like a crisis emotionally and mentally. Non resistance is the key to allow change, with the greatest ease.  The old way of functioning through ego in the 3rd and 4th dimensions are becoming extinct.

Entering timelessness, releasing all fears related to time, allows the ease and grace of your eternal Self to be adopted of sorts, by you consciously. When this taking on occurs, the awareness of the self who existed in the 3rd and 4th Dimension, becomes fully absorbed into the awareness of now.

That is, those memories of how you were, dissolve into the Union. This is the seamless transference, I have written about. The New YOU in the now moment, only knows the you now. Then the next you now. There are many levels and portals.

The Initiations are strategically aligned for you, uniquely in your own way through the energies and frequencies, that interact with you, according to your Soul Blueprint and life plan.

New Moons are all-powerful NEW Beginnings, Sun Conjunct Moon. These new frequencies interact with you Soul Signature and vibrations, that you are constantly emitting as a Being of Light, through your Light Body.

Your Light Body is a constant cohesive LIGHT embodying Love as your Divine God Self.

When we have a Solar Eclipse, even partial, this is a very powerful element of transformation added to the frequency, which lasts for 6 months.

The Solar Eclipse is Opposite Pluto, which will add the frequency of urgency of transformation, to your awareness. If levels of fear are still present, what comes up emotionally, mentally in the form of relationships, life and situations, may feel like a crisis. The crisis will feel like the urgency. Again the key to this, is enter your heart, do not get caught up as much as possible in the VERY FEAR that is releasing, through you.

The Eternal Self does not know pain and sorrow, that only exists in the lower dimensions of consciousness, frequency.

That exist as those aspects of consciousness that ARE dissolving as memories (ego) are released and OLD Patterns of consciousness SHIFT.

This is the Ascension Process.

Again, this takes place uniquely within each Being, within.

When TRULY ready, the I here that thinks it is ready yet still has fear (lives in separation consciousness) is not the I ~ God Self that I am referring to.

The Eternal Light Body, God self, KNOWS.
That is the eternal I…..

Recognize always, on the path of Ascension, it is going from one way of being to another. Entering your heart is entering the present moment. Where you recognize your Divinity NOW. Which allows the transfiguration to ALL that you eternally are, to dissolve all appearances, that is was never that way.

Pluto being retrograde, helps you to look deeply into all areas of your life, reflecting on the areas about to be transformed. The ability to attain the awareness of Victory, is on the table now.

An Auspicious Grand Trine takes place during this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which sheds LIGHT on those areas, already transformed and about to be transformed, within your Consciousness.

Venus Trine Saturn. will allow that true love and commitment to the Beloved, to enter your life, (your consciousness within you first) and if already entered, to steadily grow, together in LOVE.

Venus Trine Uranus will allow sudden transformations (within you) IN New RELATIONSHIPS or one you are in, which will OPEN A portal to New beginnings with this Solar Eclipse and New MOON.

Saturn Trine Uranus this frequency acts in harmony with the Pluto Transformation you are going through. The Grand Trine is the Light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, of the Auspicious Stepping into BEING one with consciously, your Ascended God Self.

This is not a one size fits all astrology. I emphasize each BEING is uniquely impacted, as much as the UNIQUENESS of each Being and fingerprint.

So breathe this in.

This is interacting with you now. This will surface as a remembrance as you enter this frequency PORTAL for you NOW.

Enter with great Confidence that you as an Eternal Being in Divine Glory and Ascension, are stepping through the portal of remembrance, to THAT which you already ARE.

With great Love and Glory, the Bestowing of this AWARENESS is Auspiciously UPON YOU.

In Love and Glory and So It is. All Now, in Eternity. Above as Below, within as without. In Eternal Grace, now.



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