The Council: Chaos

council of mastersYou are being shown the worst sides of all that is happening around you. It would be well to understand the reasons for this. There are concerted efforts being made to move you into, or keep you in, a certain mindset. And stirring up emotions just before, or while, passing people information insures that they will accept it. These are advertising practices. In essence you are sold ideas.

One of the most harmful ideas that is being promoted and taken advantage of is that side A is great and true and side B is atrocious and will cause you no end of grief. It is fairly obvious that there will be greater and lesser advantages to any question. However, when it is presented in the manner discussed above, several things happen.

First, it will cause all critical thinking about the topic to cease for most people. In essence, they have been frightened. Second, it causes deep rifts to develop in a society, thereby rendering it much easier to control. If ‘they’ can move people left or right, then ‘they’ don’t need to be in fear themselves. ‘They’ are secure in their position because the far larger numbers of the populace are distracted. Also, if the focus can be placed on what the left hand is doing, the right hand may do whatever it wants. So ‘they’ don’t really care if you choose A or B.

If we call this a game, then we can say that it has been played against most of you for a very long time.

We will offer a small example. VIOLENCE IS RAMPANT! Nice headline. As you went about your business today, did you observe any violence? Did any hordes of people attack you or your neighbors? And, in the instance that you may have seen on your television, how far away from you was it geographically? Were the cameras placed in the middle of it? That would make it seem far larger, would it not? Was the wording in the report implying that it was an isolated incident? No? Why not?

Some of you are old enough to remember when politicians had discussions and arguments. Some are young enough to only remember politics as attacks. No one asks why that is. Could it possibly be that there are those unseen that control the show?

Some of your countries are only being shown a very limited view if what is happening, but we will say that, to some degree, the upheaval you are sensing is happening in many places. There are many millions who are now seeing beyond the smoke and mirrors. It is becoming increasingly obvious to many that strings are being pulled.

All of this is the effect of mankind having to face, finally, what is true about yourselves, and what you have allowed to happen in front of you. It is not necessary for you to become involved in any of it. If you choose to be, then be aware that you have made a choice. Your lives should be a series of conscious choices. This will become more and more the norm as you move into higher states of awareness. This is happening and will continue to happen.

Some of you may choose to keep yourselves apprised of these happenings as your world ‘falls apart’, and some may choose not to. Do not judge another for their choice. The lessons they have come to learn are quite certain to be different from your own. And of necessity, this will change as it becomes more and more the case that rebuilding must occur. Agreement regarding desired outcomes will become necessary, valuable, and expected. Many lessons will have been learned.

Actually, this has already begun. The most important lesson will be what can we achieve? What can I achieve? Are there any limits to what we can do? There are not, you know. But that which has limited you for so long, that which has taught you to doubt yourselves, must be eliminated first.

Humans, earth humans, still suffer from what you call Stockholm syndrome. Too many of you defend your captors. Many will actually miss the comfort of their captivity when it ends. When there are no walls, no bars, no fences, real or imagined, it will seem to be chaos for many. But, as chaos always is, it will be unrestricted opportunity. What will you choose to make of that?



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