Thoth: Be Peace and Surrender to Divine Will; Eclipse Message

thothI have not felt the presence of Cosmic Master Thoth for a while now. It was a welcoming surprise when Thoth came into my psychic awareness today with these new moon messages:

  • the new moon cum solar eclipse on July 13 shall open new celestial doors for many
  • those who are ready to be their higher expressions and walk their soul journey will be guided to connect with these portals energetically for intuitive insights
  • the three eclipses of July 13, July 27-28 and August 11, together, present a rare 4-week window for deep soul healing and awakening to occur
  • the celestial energies flooding the planet in the coming weeks will be received by and wired-into the neurology of every human body to trigger subtle DNA-activation and deep cellular changes; however, consciously maintaining a state of peace and total surrender will enable a smoother and quicker integration {read interpretation below #}
  • these celestial energies from the angelic realm and many star nations are accessible to humanity during the July-August eclipse season due to a special star-gate alignment in the higher heavens relative to your solar system
  • your intuitive connection with the angels and christed star beings is being heightened during this time; feeling, expressing and sharing uplifting emotions among yourselves will be ideal for attracting these higher beings to your awareness
New Moon Eclipse

# Message Interpretation:

Intuitively, I would interpret Thoth’s advice “however, consciously maintaining a state of peace and total surrender will enable a smoother and quicker integration” as: our body will be able to bring through the incoming ascension energies naturally without the need for an active intervention by ourselves. Nevertheless, the integration outcome will differ for individuals, depending on the extent to which we are able to think, feel, and act from a space of peace, surrender and inner knowing throughout this eclipse season.


That said, if you are keen to actively ground the angelic and stellar energies ‘coming our way’, I suggest getting the support from our Arcturus guides (leading healing technologists of our galaxy) on the three eclipse-days using the following recorded meditations and in the order given:

  1.  Invoke Lord of Arcturus (9 min)
  2. access attunement MP3 from post ‘Attunement to Arcturus
  3. DNA Recoding and Reprogramming Mental Body (9 min)
  4. access recording from post ‘Solstice Energy Gifts from Arcturus‘, use Track #2
  5. Ground and vitalise physical body through Earth Star chakra
  6. read more at Magnetising Earth’s Kundalini Through the ‘Silver Induction Plate

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.



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