St. Germaine: The Magic of Love At Work Can Be Seen in Small Things

st germainAll roads are going to take you to love, yes sometimes through the darkness into the light, nevertheless, they are all taking you home.

Greetings dear ones! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother and friend, I am your family. It gives me great pleasure to come here today, and it is with love and cheerfulness that I address you all. Every day is a day to celebrate and enjoy your journey. I am here to remind you that life is always to be welcomed and celebrated because you have so many reasons to do so.

Sometimes these little pearls and gems are hidden and your eyes and human minds would point to show and tell you that there is pain and suffering in the world in which you are living. But then if you go deeper into your hearts you can see how much more love and light has already been anchored on this planet.

We can bring you the morning news of victory, and most of the time we are doing that in ways that are different, either by talking directly into your ears or by telepathic communication. However, it is more satisfying if you are the ones spotting the news and then placing all these pieces of uplifting information together.

Dear hearts, the light will shine in unexpected ways, the magic of love at work can be seen in the small things and/or in the more extended-global happenings. What is important is that you are willing to see these positive changes, and that includes seeing the potential for transformation in the more negative ones. It requires fortitude and courage to look at the negative and sometimes quite disturbing events, and whether they are occurring in your personal lives or at the country and global level it matters not, because they always have a purpose and, might I say, a happy ending, even if you can’t see it at this time.

You can attempt to understand the final effect of those events, and certainly, you can ask my brother, Uriel, to take you into that particular future reality. Or you can choose to trust yourselves and the higher realms, your guides and guardians, to direct your actions toward where they are needed for the highest and the greatest good of all.

Once you have set the intention to be aligned with the Universal Laws, with the Laws of Love, then all roads are going to take you to love, yes sometimes through the darkness into the light, nevertheless, they are all taking you home because you have aligned yourselves with your hearts’ purpose.

It is my desire to remind you that you have the power to make this journey a joyful and peaceful one regardless of how many challenges you may encounter and need to overcome throughout your day. Make it fun and let go of the need to understand every occurrence and obstacle in your way. See it and stop worrying why it is there, why now and not tomorrow, whether it is yours or perhaps belongs to your dear child, or to your neighbors of whom you are possibly not too enamored – or maybe it is a prank that I am playing on you!

Don’t spend time wondering if this is a karmic debt or a scenic detour that you are taking yet again, or some type of baggage you picked up inadvertently and which doesn’t belong to you at all, because you are tired of carrying around the issues and cares of others. You get the point here…that it doesn’t matter anyway, because you have the tools and you can take care of anything, and you can transmute and send back into light all that you focus on.

You are powerful, you are bright generators of love who are doing a magnificent job at this transitional time of collective ascension for humanity. Use that energy in a focused manner without spending much time on worrying and doubting yourselves. This why I and the entire Council of Love is here to assist you in taking the shortcuts and the most pleasant and joyful routes to Nova Earth.

Cheers dear hearts! Let’s celebrate and enjoy life the way it was always meant to be cherished and loved! Farewell!



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle