Heavenletters: How the World Began

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, a thought of separation from the Creator and Creation never had a foothold. There were no second thoughts nor revisions made to Creation. You hold the original Creation in your hand, as it were, and the world is holy. Life is in the midst of Holiness. There isn’t all that much you can make of Creation other than how it appears. You are in the same realm as skies being blue, grass being green, and stars being starry. When you come down to it, how simple is life, even as it holds you in its thrall.

Give Creation its due. Creation created itself as it first appeared. There have been no improvements, no revisions nor retractions. Creation isn’t an explicated blueprint.

Creation appeared as a God Almighty inspiration. What could Creation be but a burst of inspiration inspired spontaneously all at once? Remember, time is not.

Oh, no, Creation cannot be a long thought-out and crossed-out prescription with a lot of time and energy spent on back and forth. Not at all. I desired Creation, and Creation appeared beautifully. Creation enacted itself all at once. Boom, boom, boom is Creation, all in place, not scratched out nor rescheduled in increments. Creation iexists before your very eyes.

Well, how does a flower in nature blossom? Flowers are curved affairs that steal your heart with a buoyancy far exceeding right angles. Do you see any square flowers? I love multi-colors and rounded shapes like bouncing balls blowing in the breeze. I doubt that My burgeoning heart could have been distracted, even at the peak of the glory of Creation – let alone in repose. I saw Creation was good, and here you are.

In Godwriting, I move the hand of the Godwriter who writes down for Me, and the die is cast. So is it with Creation.

Creation created itself. It is my desire and intention to have what goes through My head and heart reproduce itself on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Of course, admit, Beloved, you may well desire to make some adjustments to Heaven itself. You may not see Heaven perfect as it is. You may want to put on different music. You have a tendency to espy or conceive flaws and have doubts. Earth and Heaven both came out perfectly no matter what. Of course, you would love to be well-pleased, yet often you are not.

Also, you might wish that I could be a little less certain in My reckoning, and you could come across more capably and call life’s shots yourself. How happy you would be to turn the tide of events yourself. You are up in the air as it is. You don’t really have the say. You do understand that you have some say in life, yet not the whole say by a mile. Your hands are tied.

Life confounds you. You may act as confidently as you like for all the good it does you. You may still wind up tied to the mast, and there’s not much you can do about it – try as you may. That you could draw the line any better than you rank Me in the final analysis – where does this leave you just the same? The fact is that life, as you know it in the world, is uncertain. Even when you may feel certain, you have to confess that you could be off course. You simply don’t as yet have mastery over life to the degree you would like. Mostly you look on life in retrospect. And yet, and yet…



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff