5-9D Love

mike quinsey eraoflightSome of the more recent moments/messages have been on light and love…  perfect for me as it’s my foundation and where the journey started.  In the past I’ve shared perspectives on soulmates/twins (as well as self-love).  The newer word though seems to be, divine counterpart – a mix of soul mate, twin and friend.  I even think of the word, platonic in a new way; a very profound bond/connection.

So I will share that for me, this journey shifts every few months.  Yet it does all flow together.  I could say that I started as a medium and in angelic and then went to channeling teacher guides and then to Galactic and then Mother Earth and even some Shaman and then… LOL…   It’s been amazing!  I wouldn’t have predicted.

Some time ago, it was all about LOVE/5D.  We needed to anchor that in.  I will also though say, I’ve received messages that there are places where love is not the glue/fuel/motive.  Well… LOVE is energetically back and big time.  As I embrace, ponder and feel, this makes sense.  We’ve had a lot of work to do to now experience this kind of love.  Our body just wasn’t ready before.

My last lesson on love was an understanding/being unconditional love.  For the most part, even the most caring person might not understand unconditional love and it can be tested/practiced daily here on Earth.  It is very Mother Teresa ish.

Now though there is an overwhelming bliss/love that may overcome one.  Teary eyed… and in awe.  It is even more intense that what I’ve felt in the past.  And really one doesn’t need to be in a relationship to experience… well, relationship with self and life. 

Years/decade+ ago I saw the words “love and light” on a leaflet at a co-worker’s funeral.  It triggered something in me as it was my time/clue.  I was very much in the closet, just started my journey/questions/seeking and no one around was talking about deep spiritual matters.  To reflect on then and now – WOW!

This type of love knows no reason.  It may not make sense to your mind.  You just go, do… and are.  Life becomes simple and everything touches your heart.  Everything.  There are no borders and in love, everyone wins.  It is a powerful force.  Oh embrace and enjoy… And, this does seem to make one forget about all the “work” we’ve done to get here.

I’ll also share as I noted one evening:  One can now see past 3D relationships… many will get to a 5D relationship… yet, really they are similar/patterned close to 3D.  7D (often routed in service) and 9D (often rooted in magic) relationships will be happening.  No density/issues… and, magnetic.  Love will bring couples (and yes, this can be platonic) into a 5D relationship and/yet they may or may not last as long as one would think.  While divine/more than enough, it’s like free love and some will then… find themselves moving along  (as almost hinting that many of us who know 5D love are destined for even more… yet 5D love can be enough and such a gift!!  Really even 3D love is pretty awesome – makes the worlds go round.)

Now that you’ve reached a level to truly understand the teaching of when two or more are gathered.  In union, this is conscious creating.   Then there was a pause and a smirk… be careful what you ask for now.  Okay… let’s be wise about what we ask/wish for.

I will also note, when one falls in love, they’re in an energy… as if in another world.  One can catch themselves daydreaming, happy, hopeful, a pep in their step, singing, etc.  Yes, let’s be this now!  Yet… interesting… as I was pondering on that love feeling… I also thought of shock/trauma.  When one is in trauma they, too, are often in an energy.  Removed, someplace else, as if an altered state.  I could feel though that they’re the same yet opposite ends of the vibe.  So… love can and does heal.  Trauma can be elevated.

Oh please let love in.  Let love win.  Just open your heart… smile… breathe… and know.

P.S.   I’ve been sitting on this post for a few days… and will add that we are healing/filling in/fast tracking any old story lines.  We are moving love out of the ice ages, dark ages, even the Renaissance.  Anytime one wished/longed/desired to be in love.  Oh we are, now.   This would included self-love, in friendships, relationships, marriages, etc.  In 3D we’re conditioned/believe many things about love – that we need it, pressure to find the one, gheez I could probably write a whole other post on this topic so let me just pause now… as we are whole/complete.  I hope you can breathe/feel/know/smile this.

And, I received a short message stating an “affair” for some will be like the “event”.  Interesting.  So many ways to come into union/see the blinding light.  And… that a twin holds, magnetics… and that these may be changing (one can also examine in meditation).  This, too, may be another post as Spirit really liked this word that doesn’t seem to be in the dictionary.  A mix of genetics, elements, law of attraction, magnetism/electricity, etc.  Me like…and more later.



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