Archangel Gabrielle: A New Way of Communicating

aa gabrielWhen you speak through your hearts dear ones, the truth comes out as pure information and love; the world needs to hear the truth at this time! 

Greetings dear ones! Greetings! I AM Gabrielle, I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel of love and light, Lily of the Truth, Messenger of the One, and in service to the Mother and to you all

Cosmic Council: Conscious Thought

light spiral gate eraoflightIn every waking moment, human beings are consciously thinking. Their thoughts, words and actions are purposeful and deliberate, whether they are organising, planning, discussing, gossiping or writing. Underpinning these thoughts are complex belief systems that are the driving force of the intention behind every thought form, spoken word and action towards other people, both kind

The Galactic Federation of Light:

gfoleraoflightHello there! Straight to it today! You have spoken recently and in the past about ‘Listening to our Truth within’ when coming across information that may or may not be fake news etc. In my last newsletter I sent out a link regarding news that would/could open a large can of worms. I personally have no attachment to politics. It is like a foreign language to me and I cannot retain any information that I have tried to take

QAnon Unmasks Britain as State Actor that Interfered in US Presidential Election

independent media eraoflight.comThe military intelligence source QAnon has dropped another bombshell with the latest round of leaked classified information, which has been released with the tacit approval of the Trump White House. QAnon has revealed that contrary to popular perception and an ongoing criminal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it was senior government officials from the

Saint Germain: Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension

st germainThose ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process. For some the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual

Archangel Michael: Enhancing Your Personal God Essence

archangel michael eraoflightBeloved masters, the Creator’s breath is the fuel of existence, and you are the flame it feeds. It is important you understand that you are developing your individual SUNLIGHT, which is a reflection of your own God Essence. 

The human intellectual thought process must evolve beyond the limitations of language. There is a vast wealth of information awaiting humanity via inspiration. You must develop

Message from the Angels: Focus on the Light

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have good news! You get to choose your news! You get to choose your views! Will you focus upon the worlds ills, deceits, manipulations, greed, and problems or… will you choose to set your sights on all the good that happens all around you, every day.

Every morning the birds are singing. Every day, there are people helping

Mike Quinsey and his Higher Self: Changes Progressing

thebluerayYou wonder how much longer you have to wait until events start to take place as promised. The truth is that on a higher level all is in the “now” and it is difficult to pinpoint a date for an exact happening. The most that can be said is that certain ones are destined to occur regardless of any other activity, particularly attempts by the dark Ones to prevent them happening. When the higher powers declare that certain events are to take place, you may rest

Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions

ashtarI used to think of an “ascended master” as a Fifth-Dimensional being.  Here is the conversation with Ashtar from Hour with an Angel, April 2012 when I realized that I was wrong and had my horizon expanded.

It also illustrates how matters we think are firm knowledge (that ascended masters come from the Fifth) are being challenged every day by new information (that they can come from

July & August 2018 Internal External Multidimensional Alignments

light spiral gate eraoflightI’ve written about the Ascension Process Inner Body Vibrations many times over the years at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife. I’ve shared how these inner vibrations have manifested and changed over the years in my own physical body and Light body, and what this process has felt like and sounded to me. As with all Ascension Process related transformations

Here’s Why It Is Completely Fine To Cut Out Family Members From Your Life

thebluerayIn my opinion, there is nothing more challenging and heartbreaking than having to end the connection and distance yourself from a loved one.

Family ties are some of the strongest bonds anyone has in their entire life. Whether you are family by blood or family by choice, everyone has certain people they consider to be family

Full Moon Update 7/27

full moonThe Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is on Friday, July 27 at 2:20PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

This is a rather intense full moon, (some of you have been feeling it for days already), that creates a window to speak your truth, embrace your personal power, and step up to a new level of integrity, maturity and confidence. It is a perfect time for a bid for Power

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, July 27, 2018; Conscious Release

third eye chakraThe end is the beginning of all things, suppressed and hidden, awaiting to be released through the rhythm of pain and pleasure. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

The period between Eclipses, as many of you already know, is one of profound change. What can seem chaotic to our human self is nothing but the natural transformation

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Khazarian Mafia Doomed As A Result of Putin/Trump Secret Agreement

eol alt newsThese days, reading The New York Times and other Khazarian mafia corporate propaganda is like reading Pravda just before the fall of the Soviet Union. Nobody believes their lies. Yet even they are being forced to report that the Soviet Socialist European Union is in deep trouble. That’s because U.S. President Donald Trump and

The 9D Arcturian Council: War & Economic Disparity

arcturian gratitude eraoflight“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun exploring the possible timelines for your next big leap forward. We have examined the different ways in which humanity can make that leap, a leap that will take you to a time of less economic disparity and less war

The Spiritual Impact Of The Aquarius Full Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse

full moon 7 eraoflightDear Friends,
do you feel ready for a collective quantum leap?? If not, I highly recommend you prepare yourself well over the coming days!! On July 27th we are collectively experiencing the massively rattling impact and the wonderful blessings of a Full Moon in 4 degrees and 44 minutes of Aquarius. This stellar event will be coupled with the longest and

Montague Keen: As You Awaken

truth rising eraoflightThose who plotted against humanity are now fighting for their own existence. They never expected to find themselves in this position. You have to thank Mr Trump for this. Bravely, he did what his conscience demanded. Though the Cabal tried to kill him in Scotland, he stood firm and put humanity first. Please remember him in your prayers. He has taken on a huge task on your behalf. You only have to look at all

Sheldan Nidle: The Light Quotient Rising

light spiral gate eraoflightSelamat Ja! Many wonderful developments continue to unfold! The dark cabal remains as arrogant and uncompromising as ever. They are befuddled by your rapid upsurge in consciousness and the awakening of the general public. The Light quotient in your solar system is rising exponentially in ways they had not predicted or even thought possible. Their hold on

Navigating Volatile Energies

merkabah eraoflightThis year we’ve had so many moments of accelerated volatility and surprises, it may seem like the norm to experience these things. People can become numb to the amount of change unfolding. For you as a divine changemaker, this is not the time to go numb, pretend that what’s happening has nothing to do with you, or leave your body to escape reality. Continue reading for tips on how to find

Message from Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings: Gift of Patience

cetaceans eraoflightdotcomWe are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. We welcome you, humanity to the higher frequency realms of light, of deep waters, of unconditional love. We whales see you humanity in your continuous and seemingly never ending journey back towards the light. We wish to remind and comfort that no journey

Heavenletters: Rise to the Occasion of your Heart

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, the heart comes before the intellect. Does this disappoint you? I am the Heart of the Matter, not the intellect. The world seems to weigh in the favor of the intellect. Oh, sure, the heart can be maudlin and all that, yet the heart and consideration for all come before the intellect

The Federation of Light: Prepare For A Love Revolution

gfoleraoflightHello, up there! Well, although not fully recovered from my illness, I am certainly on the mend and very much ready to have a chat with you. So, I am interested to see whether or not my energies are conducive to doing so. Are they?

Let us begin by saying ‘Welcome back into the land of the living

Lightworkers Unite

lightwarrior eraoflightdotcomLightworkers Unite!

We are now moving through the eclipse corridor for the next four weeks. Eclipses awaken karmic imbalances in an effort to flush out hidden unconscious patterning and programming that limit our human reality. Think of eclipses as cosmic ‘liberators’ of unwanted realities, be it outdated, corrupt or destructive. We need to shake

Planet Alert August 2018

gowithin eraoflightThis is my August article although I am still talking about events that happened in July, and some that are still to happen. The first eclipse was a solar eclipse on July 12/13 depending on where you live. It was on July 12 here in Seattle. That was a very powerful eclipse because the sun and moon were in exact opposition to Pluto, the transformer, or the god of the underworld. Pluto is in Capricorn and that sign

Message from Arcturian Collective, Elthor & Fairies: Claim Your Power

gods lightGreetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian Collective here on this fine day to welcome you to your new world. The thresholds been reached, vibrations realized and risen. And you are becoming the gods and goddess that you yourselves foretold of old, in the prophecies of the past, where a new world would be born, risen from the ashes, like the phoenix. And you, the way showers, would lead the way