Ashtar: Ascended Masters Come from All Dimensions

ashtarI used to think of an “ascended master” as a Fifth-Dimensional being.  Here is the conversation with Ashtar from Hour with an Angel, April 2012 when I realized that I was wrong and had my horizon expanded.

It also illustrates how matters we think are firm knowledge (that ascended masters come from the Fifth) are being challenged every day by new information (that they can come from beyond the Twelfth).  Change, change, change. Let go, let go, let go.

It was Ashtar acknowledging that he comes from the Transcendental that gave me my first clear indication that an “ascended master” could come from beyond the Fifth. Knowing that is important for me as a student of cross-cultural spirituality.

Here’s that exchange:

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the Fifth Dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (1)

Ashtar acknowledged that he personally will go down as low as the Fifth and that’s it. We have to meet him there, which says something about Linda, by the way.

He said:

“It is difficult enough to step down our vibrations and hold them in the Fifth Dimension. We certainly do not want to go really much lower than that.” (2)

There then followed a really candid discussion of ascended masters and dimensionality, in which he described what a meeting with an 11th-Dimensional “ascended master” was like. This is a conversation worth really chewing well, especially by anyone who wants to work with the galactics.

Ascended Masters Come from all Dimensions

Steve Beckow: With the fleet, with people coming from the higher dimensions and living on the Fifth, how does it work? Do you, too, lose your remembrance? Can you see each other? How does it work to have people of higher dimension working side-by-side with people of another, perhaps lower dimension?

Ashtar: We don’t lose a single thing. That is part of the deal. (3) It is really only in your density…. We would not even call the Third Dimension that you are experiencing [in April 2012] the real Third-Dimensional experience.

You are in the density of a construct, an illusion, that you think is the Third Dimension. So, you are not even fully in the Third Dimension. You are gaining ground, yes, and you are experiencing moments when you are in the Fourth or the Fifth.

But no, once you have gained access to the higher dimensions, you are not stuck there. It is not like a brick wall or a veil has dropped in between dimensions. Because, for us, that would be unbearable. You, of Earth, who are breaking free of the old Third, have the toughest job. You have the hardest line to toe, and yes, of course, the greatest opportunity of service.

For example many who are serving with the fleet are from the Ninth. But that does not mean that they cannot travel to the Eleventh and be with the ascended masters, or the ascended masters travel into the Fifth so that the vibration can be filtered down in an acceptable way to the human race, or to us. So, no.

Think of it as molecules of water in a bucket. And these are free-flowing [molecules].

You can flow with all your qualities intact from the Twelfth to the Seventh to the Fifth. And even to the Third. But that has been what we would refer to almost as a no-fly zone, as you are well aware of.

S:I think it’s interesting what you just said, … to be with the ascended masters on the Eleventh Dimension. I think many of our listeners may think that the ascended masters are on the Fifth, helping us to join them there. But in fact many of them are – exist – on a much higher plane than that. I don’t think that’s generally known.

A: No, it is not generally known. And what happens — think of it this way — is that we can take your hands from the Fifth — because that is where you learn to manipulate change, to be able to begin to create in different ways — and we can take your hands, gladly, joyously, and show you the way to the higher realms. (4)

He then goes on to describe his meetings with the ascended masters from the Eleventh Dimension.

Many of the ascended ones come, and they will be with us on board ship, and they will talk with us. We will plan, we will guide, we will formulate. Even within the unfoldment of the Plan – the restoration of the Earth – there are plans within plans within plans.

And one of the things that you may have already learned about us is that we do love to communicate. Now, our communication is seldom verbal the way that I am speaking to you this day.

But let us say the advantage of that [non-verbal language] is that volumes can be spoken in an instant. And very often, when the ascended ones are with us, we are maintaining — can we say? — our Fifth-Dimensional vibration, and, when they arrive, it is like a blast of sun [for them], until they adjust.

No, we do not put them into adjustment chambers or anything like that, because they are welcome to come however. The modification, the modulation that takes place [in us] is so that we can be with you!

And once we are on this what you can think of as a similar playing field — and there are many delightful qualities of the Fifth Dimension; do not get us wrong! – it opens the doors to new possibilities, new realms. (5)


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(3) That if they come down and participate, they would not lose any of their abilities, save the ones they knowingly and willingly give up to simply exist in that vibrational frequency. We lost our memory of who we are and where we’ve come from. We’re walking around with amnesia.

(4) But he doesn’t want to come down to the Third.

(5) “Transcript of Ashtar,” ibid.



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