Archangel Michael: The Peaceful Warrior

archangel michael eraoflightGreetings – I am Michael. Welcome, welcome, welcome my blue brother of peace, my blue brother of love, my blue brother of truth.

These are ‘standalones’ and they are not dependent upon agreement or alignment even with those that remain – and choose to remain – recalcitrant or in the chaos or simply uninvolved. Truth is not a matter of consensus. Peace – yes, does try in the

The Arcturians: A Dream, or was it Real?

arcturiansI had a dream, and in that dream I was in a place with a stadium setting. I watched as people began to turn into monsters. Then I took a stick and touched the crown of their head as I said, “I am Love.” They then turned back to normal people. I wrote the dream down and then quickly forgot it.

While my husband was driving us home today, I looked in my purse for something and

The Ways Meditation Will Improve Your Sex Life

7 chakras eraoflightWhile sex and meditation are not obvious bedfellows, there’s a tradition linking both which goes back for centuries. Tantric practice from the East viewed the energy generated through sexual activity as a possible springboard for specific meditative states. But that connection isn’t a one-way street: Sex might be a way of improving meditation, but in case you are looking to liven up your sexual life, meditation might