Energy Report Update: The Lion’s Gateway and Portal is Open

eraoflight lions gateDear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

This is such a magical time of year where things automatically align with you that are for your highest good through doors which have opened after closing the old ones.

July was a very dense month where it felt like a ton of bricks were weighing you down. The eclipse energies tightly compressing cells to push all duality to the surface. What you may have thought you already dealt with may have come back to acknowledge there was more to it that was hidden away till then. That tight compression of cells causes the body to ache, with muscle aches, teeth and skeletal pain too. These are where deep seated patterns lie within most likely tied to a karmic event in the past or a past lifetime, or through lineages of karma. In order to progress and move forward we must clear this density, karma and duality first. Almost always this type of energy will take you on a walk through time, to your past and through repeated patterns that were causing a block in your life. Anything that has been holding you back is brought up for review. In the moment it may be emotionally painful to deal with, but ultimately it brings you freedom from this weight and a clarity you didn’t have before. A entirely new perception is born through an increase in vibrational frequency after this density is cleared.

Your perceived reality is based solely on your vibrational frequency. Each realizes their own reality program playing out by playing a key role in it. When you increase in frequency, the reality program progresses to another higher level where your key role changes and so does the other players in this reality. Some fall away who no longer belong, and others walk in who do and who will meet you where you are now.

This shift began to occur yesterday evening. If you were in public you may have felt invisible, like you can see everyone, but they can’t see you. I took my kids to an activity place that has bowling, table tennis, games and such. My daughter’s friend who came with us knew a boy that worked there. They’ve been talking for weeks now. She walked up to him and she said, it was as if he didn’t see her. Didn’t acknowledge her presence and didn’t say anything to her when moments prior he had texted, hey stop over and see me. I was in the meantime sitting on their patio outside enjoying the sunset and there were several others on the patio too, including a gentleman sitting behind me. The waitress walked by me several times to take care of the man behind me never once looking at me, acknowledging me or speaking to me asking me if I wanted a menu or a drink. I had to get up and go to an ordering area and get it myself, but they didn’t see me either. Only the people sitting right there said, do you need me to flag someone down for you? I said literally, you can see me, because I’m feeling invisible right now? Lol. Then the kids come out and tell me the same occurred for them inside. Ah ha, yes, I know what’s going on here. Although it is frustrating when this occurs, if you know what’s happening, it’s quite funny. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. This has happened to me two times before and it’s usually around this time of year.

Now we are days away from The Lion’s 8:8 Gateway where Earth, Sirius, and the Sun align creating a magical portal through which all in your life begins to align too. If you have worked with the intense eclipse energies of July and did the necessary work within, now comes the reward of lightness, new beginnings, an entirely new reality based on collapsing the old, tired, toxic patterns and allowing a new one to emerge in your life. This is where things get exciting! Things are new and fresh, therefore you cannot use the same approach as you did in the past. It will take a new perception seeing things from a whole other perspective and a new approach to allow the new timeline to anchor into your reality.

Key players from the old timeline will get desperate and try to cling on to any energetic string hoping to stay in your new reality, but this is where the test occurs and a choice must be made for your highest good. You are blessed with free will and the choice to do anything you wish. What you choose will either collapse an old timeline and allow the new one to anchor, or it will re-establish the old timeline and the new one will fall away. The 8:8 Lion’s Gateway and Portal is the portal through which your new timeline anchors and is aligned to your new vibrational frequency. This is where the magic happens every single year for those who wish to embrace it.

As more embrace their mastery key codes that activate during this time a “collective new reality” emerges of New Earth that vibrates at a higher dimensional realm. For this to anchor for all, we individually must anchor ours first by being an active member in how we go about our day and interact with others. By being cognizant of our thoughts which manifest at lightening speed. By how we choose to either by of self, or of others. By how we embrace empathy and step into another’s shoes. By how we do not judge, but instead accept. By how we live in each moment and go WITH the flow. By no longer controlling, but knowing what will be will be, and it will be for your highest good. By knowing you have a team of Divine helpers waiting to assist you at any time. By stepping into your authenticity and loving and embracing every part of you, the dark and light in equal balance. By establishing healthy boundaries that will empower you on your life path and journey. By using your unique gifts in service to others. By being the change in which you want to see, you create change that causes a ripple through the collective and touches others in a positive way.

As a side note, I have noticed this particular shift has affected animals in a way I’ve never noticed before. Animals are usually very loyal to “their human.” My daughter’s cat who would never leave her side for 5 years has latched onto me. She lays on my lap, she sleeps with me and she follows me everywhere. She has aligned to my schedule too. Our dog, has adopted my daughter whose cat adopted me when she was attached to my other daughter previously. This is a highly unusual chain of events in how the shift is affecting animals. I’m curious if this has occurred for anyone else?

This is my favorite time of year when everything comes together and aligns in the most magical of ways if you are open and allow the new to emerge!

Today there was a complete shift in energy that occurred about 2 hours ago. The portal is open and your mastery key codes are being activated now. You will begin to notice more intense downloads and more coming back online that was not available to you before. Your psychic senses are dialed up and are hyper sensitive. As walkers between worlds/realms of existence/ dimensions/parallel universes- allow your intuition to be your guide. Allow your eye(s) to see through the Violet Flame. Remain heart centered and balanced in love keeping your vibarational frequency high. In this, you will only attract that which you put out. When this portal opens, you will manifest much quicker than usual. Here we go!! Enjoy this energy, play in it, BE in it, create in it and embrace it!

As always please share what you’re experiencing in the comments section.

Much love,
Tiffany Stiles

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