Archangel Michael: Continue Now In All Ways To Use Your Discernment

aa michaelI AM Archangel Michael.

And I come at this time to be with you, to share with you, to bring you forward into that new understanding that you are all coming toward. Many things are in a matter of flux at this point. Many things outside of yourself, but many things are shifting and changing within you. And all of this is natural. All of this is part of the great orchestration

5 Effective Controversial Cancer Treatments You May Not Know About

lyb eraoflightAlmost every one of us has been affected by cancer, either directly or through a close friend or relative. Although in some cases, cancer patients go into remission after being treated with conventional therapies, often the treatment itself causes as many unpleasant symptoms and secondary disease as cancer itself. Unknown to most people, there are many alternative cancer treatments that show promising results in both the

The Final Demise of Dollar Hegemony?

dailytruenews eraoflightSanctions left and sanctions right. Financial mostly, taxes, tariffs, visas, travel bans – confiscation of foreign assets, import and export prohibitions and limitations; and also punishing those who do not respect sanctions dished out by Trump, alias the US of A, against friends of their enemies. The absurdity seems endless and escalating – exponentially, as if