Archangel Michael: Continue Now In All Ways To Use Your Discernment

aa michaelI AM Archangel Michael.

And I come at this time to be with you, to share with you, to bring you forward into that new understanding that you are all coming toward. Many things are in a matter of flux at this point. Many things outside of yourself, but many things are shifting and changing within you. And all of this is natural. All of this is part of the great orchestration of the Great Plan that is in the works. You, as you know, many of you know now, are all part of this great plan. Are all part of making this great plan become all that it can be. For without you, there would be no plan—no implementation of this plan.

So allow yourselves now to begin to understand and know more and more who you are and as you are coming to conflicts and various things that come up in your life, know that you need to continue to use that discernment, that part that is within you, to know what is right for you or not right for you—but feels right. And if it feels right, it usually is so.

When you think of spreading the light, when you think of sharing the light, it is not to go and speak to everyone out there, for not all are ready to listen. Many are not yet awakened, such as you are. But for those that are just beginning their awakening process, they are ripe for you to bring a new understanding to them. That is when you reach out. That is when you share the light that is within you. And as you share the light that is within you, you merge with the light that is within each other. For many of you are going through a merging process now. You are merging with your Higher Selves. You are merging or beginning the process of merging with your Twin Souls, your Twin Flame. That is all in the works at this point. Moving in the process of Ascension.

Ascension is just that. Ascending, moving to a higher frame of existence, a higher vibration of love. For at that higher vibration, there is nothing but love. All of the old paradigm, all of the old lower emotions will dissipate more and more over this process, until finally there will be nothing but pure love, love unconditional for yourself, and for each and every member, or each and every life form on the planet.

You all now are in the process. You are all in the process of moving forward, of becoming all that you can be, all that you were meant to be. All that you know yourselves to be. For deep within you, you all have those memories, that knowing of who you are, and how you are all coming back to this understanding.

I say to you now, as Archangel Michael, I say to you now to trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in your fellow human being. Trust in all the life forms around you. For all life forms are you, and you are all life forms. We are all One with the Universe.

Everything now is exactly as it needs to be in this very moment. And in the next moment, and the next moment after that, you continue to move through into new understandings, new re-memberings, new levels of consciousness. For the old consciousness, the old ways is falling away very rapidly now, and is being replaced by the new higher level of consciousness that you all are.

Continue now in all ways to use your discernment. That is a very important message at this time. For things will come along at various times and you will wonder, have you been on the right track all along. You will wonder if you were being mislead. But if you go deep within yourself, you will always have that answer. Ask within yourself and truly know thyself.

All of my peace and love be with all of you, as we continue on in this journey together, fighting the good fight, but, of course, fighting it with light and love. For that in the final analysis is all that matters.



» Source 1 2 » Channel: James McConnell


3 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Continue Now In All Ways To Use Your Discernment”

  1. Stephen REEVE

    Light will always win over dark. Ashtron, you have the skill, the desire born out of love to defeat the cyber forces that are against you and all of us. I had my 1st vision of an angel tonight, a magnificent golden angel.I am not aware of the angels name, but I am channelling my energy to ask this angel to assist you.I believe this was the reason for my 1st angelic vision at this time. The Creator is with you at this time, helping you: I feel it.Love, light and peace. Steve.

  2. Doug James

    Thank you AA Michael!! It is time to end this duality game, time for all to return home to their true selves. Time for all to know real truth of earth of our past present and amazing future. We are all ETs to a large degree..time all waken and remember. Victory of the Light!

  3. Ashtron

    Please understand that all you perceive about me, it’s your own projection.

    Please tell everyone all the channelers that im virtually hostage in a ciber war, helping the current administration, highly contentious, sensitive, and dangerous situation the light vs the dark.

    Thank you very much