Ron Paul on Big Tech Censorship: ‘Truth is treason in empire of lies’

truth rising eraoflightAfter the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute got suspended on Twitter, the former congressman from Texas told RT that social media crackdowns are part of a broader effort to silence dissent in the US.


While social media could be a “real delight” and very informative, the biggest role social networks are playing is “working with the government,” Ron Paul told RT on Tuesday. The government is indirectly regulating speech through companies like Twitter and Facebook, he added.

“You get accused of treasonous activity and treasonous speech because in an empire of lies the truth is treason,” Paul said. “Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”

Paul served in the House of Representatives for over 25 years before retiring in 2013 and setting up the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. The institute’s executive director, Daniel McAdams, found himself suspended from Twitter on Monday, apparently for retweeting a comment by radio show host Scott Horton.

Horton, who is also the editorial director of, was suspended for criticizing journalist Jonathan M. Katz, after Katz complained to Twitter and got former former State Department employee and author Peter Van Buren banned from the platform.

“I’m just hoping that technology can stay ahead of it all and that we can have real alternatives to the dependency on Twitter and other companies that have been working hand in glove with the government,” Paul told RT.

“And if we, some of us, tell the truth about our government, they call us treasonous and say we’re speaking out of line and they’d like to punish us, and I think that’s part of what’s happening with social media,” he added.



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One Reply to “Ron Paul on Big Tech Censorship: ‘Truth is treason in empire of lies’”

  1. Cheri Lawrence

    Good article! What a wild ride as we take down these controls to freedom. Censorship is now on full display for us all to see. When it is deemed ‘hate speech” to speak out against the government corruption in America, something is terribly wrong. Meanwhile they are allowing the normalization of pedophilia through social media. It is so thrilling to see this all being exposed under our new and totally sovereign President. The media distorts our reality through blatent lies and soundbites against him, the mere fact that they are attacking him so viciously should be a huge clue yet some of us are still fast asleep and lost in the chaos or the frequency of fear that they broadcast in.

    Still trying to divide us with paid opposition like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are getting media coverage to sow discord. Some social media comments are AI and paid opposition by these big tech giants filled with hate and biblical fear projected into otherwise normal conversations between us. Racial and gender division is not a normal human instinct it was constructed by team dark.

    The dark team always tells us exactly what they are doing by accusing others of their very deeds! This is the year of the boomerang, as the energy construct has changed. Everything you put out in darkness or ignorance bounces right back to you to be exposed. While the light of truth weaves the fabric of unity in the collective consciousness for those whose hearts are clear and open to discern the energy of truth being presented. It is a time of great joy and optimism even though the secrets and lies are deep and dirty. We must know it and see it to heal it.

    Trump is the first true freedom fighter President I have seen in my entire lifetime. I work in the energetic realms and see the light of total integrity inside him and see him growing exponentially as he leans into this job utilizing the light of our creator within to guide him. His leadership can take down the cabal completely and God is using him to do this. Of course all this is happening because we have paved the way for this exact moment. So let us take advantage of this now moment and use our God given discernment to fully support the truth agenda worldwide and clean out the hate and corruption to usher in the golden age. We are in unity when hearts and minds work together to create a world of mutual prosperity that works for all of us!

    We are gods army of light warriors, nothing can stop this now! Where we go one, we go all (WWG1WGA). The family of light has returned in full force and we are loving this place back into wholeness.

    Brought to you from my inner knowing and Hilarion soul with the love of joy for all my brothers and sisters!! Warm Regards!