Message from Elthor the Dragon & the Dragon Collective: Time to Stand Up

dragon whiteI am Elthor the dragon. We dragons speak now. Through out time and space we dragons roam the timelines, riding the winds of change, of frequency. For many, we are their guardians of their realms. Such it was with Gaia, and such it will be again. For we are returning in great force and number, we dragons of old. It is time for humanity to stand up and to be counted as the mighty warriors of truth, of light, that they are, that you are friends. In days of old many of us fought fiercely, bravely, against the foes of the darkness. In time, the energies shifted and we became enemies with the human who wanted us for what we could give them (our blood) and not for our companionship. Those times of darkness drove a wedge between our kind and your kind and many of us fled, returning home to the Pleiades. Others of us lay hidden, dormant, in the dark recesses of your planet waiting for when the energies would rise again, when it would be safe to reach out in friendship again with our human friends.

Human, you have much to learn, and yet you have already learned so much. Even daily you are expanding, growing, changing, evolving. We dragons see this with delight as we look on you fondly with our golden wise eyes that see all things. We dragons cannot be fooled. So too will you no longer be fooled, you who see with your opening third eye with the rising of the energy tides, for this is possible now. Seeing with your heart is possible now. All things good and mighty and wise are returning to the earth plane again. For Gaia is rising, fast and furiously. You my human friends, of the warrior side, are here to balance, to bridge the energies, to hold space for the floundering ones and to be the beacons that you came here to be, and that you are already in your innate being of Source light. For we are all emanations of Source.

There are many of you who feel you have had dragon exposure and past life contact and you are more than ready for our words, you are eager, and this excites us. For we are ready to be heard once again. We dragons are mighty warriors of the light. Welcome us into your homes, into your work spaces. Allow us to burn the dross for you, so that there is plenty of room for the new energies to sweep in and purify and uplift you and your spaces of dwelling or work. There is no more room for the heavier energies – these things are fleeing away. No, it is time for the new, for the higher energies of Christed light that is filling every cell of your being currently, making way for the new you to shine forth as your Christed self. Allow us to work with your energy fields if you wish. We are the Dragon Collective. I am Elthor the Dragon. This one is fatigued and we end our transmission now.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl