Archangel Michael: You Have My Sword of Light

aa michaelIt is with joy and pride that I am seeing you going fearlessly through all these missions with faith and trust in yourselves and in your guidance.

Greetings dearest ones! Greetings! I AM Mi-ka-el, I AM Archangel Michael, Archangel of love and truth, warrior of the peace and light, your family, your guardian, and protector, always.

I am here to remind you that I am always with you, that you and your loved ones are closely guarded by my legions of light and by myself personally, and that there is no time or space where you are left unattended or in any kind of danger.

I have promised you to sit by your side, to guide you and hold you safe while you are diving deeper and deeper into the darkest parts of the Earth plane to bring in the light, to expose manipulations and crimes of all sorts, and to finally uncover the truth for everyone who is willing to see and hear it. It is not always a straightforward job, it is not always easy to track your progress but have no doubt that your work is unfolding as planned and without any kind of delay.

Yes, there are astrological events and storms. Yes, there is more and more light that the Mother is sending down to infuse planet Earth. And all of those are meant to expose all that needs to be let go of, all that needs reconsidering and redirecting in your brave self and in everyone else, with no exceptions.

But you do not have to act on anything that is not of love, you do not have to project onto others or to take upon yourselves that which is not for you to bear and carry. You have my sword of light to cut through the cords and attachments that are meant to hold you back and drag you into any low vibrational space. You have my shield. Use it to protect yourselves from the unloving and fearful energies coming your way because they do not like your brilliance and determination to bring in light and hope into every corner on planet Earth. Use that inner wisdom and knowing to hold yourselves poised and peaceful, and then trust that you are given every opportunity to build more and more strength and power within yourselves so that you can fulfill your missions and purpose just as planned.

Yes, you have strategically placed some pieces of yourselves into the shadows. Yes, it is your soul that is calling you and urges you to go and retrieve them. These parts of self are not to be blamed or judged in any way, for they are gifts from yourselves to yourselves and are not by any means punishments for karmic debt and misdeeds.

There is so much wisdom and compassion waiting to be released as a result of these reunions. There is so much energy that it is being brought back into your being. That resultant positive energy is needed to assist you in enriching and helping you to more fully enjoy your ongoing and more conscious multidimensional journeys.

It is with joy and pride that I am seeing you going fearlessly through all these missions with faith and trust in yourselves and in your guidance.

Whenever your loved ones are being involved directly in the fight with the old and twisted paradigm of power over others, you need to trust and be reassured that they themselves have the same, if not even more, protection, guidance, and assistance as you do. So, you do not need to hold onto worries regarding their safety and wellbeing, instead, let them go to dissolve in a bubble of light.

Understand that your children, your grandchildren, these new generations of children brought on Earth at this time of marvelous changes, are extremely powerful beings of light that need only your loving arms and hearts and nothing more. Rest assured that they have their own beautiful plan, and yes, they are starting early with their task of implementation by already starting to place the pieces of the puzzles in their right places. Their paths and journeys are more ambitious and glorious than you can ever imagine. And yes, they do need your approval, your encouragement, and support in physical form, but they have their own strong guidance and assistance from the higher realms as well.

I am closing this message here, but know that you are loved and cherished always! Farewell.



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle