Full Moon 8/26/2018

full moon 7 eraoflightThe full moon on Sunday August 26, 2018 is at 3° Pisces. The Full Moon August 2018 astrology is beautifully symmetrical. The full moon aspect itself of Sun opposite Moon forms the spine of a Kite aspect pattern. Five harmonious aspects surround this tense opposition to make it easy to improve your skills and develop your talents.

The August 2018 full moon also aligns with two fortunate and powerful fixed stars. They are ideal for developing your occults skills, making money and reaching your goals. Full moon August 2018 brings exciting opportunities for personal and professional success that improves your sense of security and stability.


A full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life such as your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to personal conflict and crises that drain your energy. Your home, family and intimate relationships comes into sharper focus following a full moon.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon, which is this case was a solar eclipse. Your August 11 solar eclipse goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals. The full moon effect lasts for two weeks up to the September 9 new moon.


At 03:12 the August 11 full moon makes a beautifully symmetrical aspect pattern called a Kite. In the Full Moon August 2018 astrology chart below you will see a solid blue triangle with the Sun, Saturn and Uranus at the corners. This blue triangle is a very fortunate Grand Trine aspect pattern. The dashed blue sextile aspects to the Moon turn the grand trine into a Kite. There are also two fixed stars joining the full moon which are worth considering before a closer look at the Kite.

At 04:01 fixed star Sadalmelik is the closest but smaller of the two stars. The Moon conjunct Sadalmelik gives prominence in occult matters, success in large companies, and is favorable for gain. [1] Even though this star in general can portend danger and cause persecution, the favorable aspects to Saturn and Uranus make sure of the most positive manifestation.

The name Sadalmelik is Arabic for “Luck of the King.” Morse says “it is an indicator of the most brilliant success and favor for those in authority, and a sign that they will put it to good use if they have it well aspected.” [2] This suggests good things will happen to the people of good leaders during the two weeks of this moon phase.

At 04:07 fixed star Fomalhaut is one of the most important stars of all. It is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia or Archangel Stars of the Abrahamic religions. Fomalhaut represents Archangel Gabriel. Robson said the Moon conjunct Fomalhaut brings secret business causing much trouble and enmity, but eventual gain after many difficulties. [1]

In general, Fomalhaut is very fortunate and powerful yet can cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression [1] Ebertin said “this star is of quite variable effect, either very good or very bad, depending on the overall cosmic structure. Tied up with either Sun or Moon, the influence of Fomalhaut is said to be quite marked.” [3]

Full Moon August 2018 Astrology Chart
Full Moon August 2018 Astrology Chart


Sun trine Saturn brings achievement and recognition for earlier effort. You can focus on achieving your long-term goals and stay well-balanced. This means that other areas of your life do not need to suffer from your strong work ethic and determination. Relationships with men and superiors will be serious, practical and beneficial. Valuable guidance can come from elders and leaders.

Sun trine Uranus brings increased intuition and flashes of insight that lead to self-discovery and revelations. Increased self-confidence will allow you to express the more unique or quirky side of your personality. You may feel like trying sometime new and exciting, outside of your normal routine and comfort zone.

Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. You will stay calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You can find new ways of doing old things without rocking the boat. Or you could take the lead in your career to start needed changes and gain respect and recognition from your boss.

You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way. You can break down complex tasks into ordered segments to effectively instruct others. Full Moon August 2018 is ideal for learning or teaching technical subjects. Occult subjects like astrology would be more easily understood now.

A grand trine aspect pattern holds great natural talent, creative potential and good fortune. However, the ease and comfort of the trine aspects can cause lack of motivation. Without external motivation from challenging aspects, it can be difficult to outwardly manifest the full potential held within the grand trine.


Five blue aspects surrounding one red aspect means that the Kite is a very positive aspect pattern. The red opposition aspect creates inner pain and tension but the harmonious blue aspects tone it down. Still, the inner tension created by the spine give the motivation and inspiration to develop the latent skills and abilities held within the grand trine. The opposition makes you more inclined to put the talents of the grand trine into action.

According to Bruno and Louise Huber [4], the opposition, or spine of the Kite, gives a need for security. It can make you go from one extreme to the other, finding the best and worst alternative to find the middle ground. Or it can make you totally preoccupied with an issue or totally avoid it. The deep inner pain is either balanced or repressed, no one else can see it or help because it is hidden by the surrounding blue aspects.

Sun opposite Moon creates the personal conflict and crises that force you to make the most of your potential. You must draw on your emotional strength and instincts to overcome these challenges to your ego. Others may try to bring you down by attacking your personal life, or you may have to juggle the polarities in your life. Full Moon August 2018 may increase tension between you and family members, with extra emotional burdens being placed on you. The key is to balance your emotions and conscious intention.


The aspect pattern formed by Moon, Saturn and Uranus is a Minor Grand Trine. It highlights creative expression and intelligence, and gives intuition, objectivity and research. According to Elida Marchisone [5], a Minor Grand Trine represents “Practical Mysticism”. It gives a deep curiosity about the mysteries of life and a thorough understanding of belief systems that are different from your own. It makes you a practical seeker of hidden treasures.

As part of the Kite aspect pattern, the two blue sextile aspects to the Moon work to resolve any personal conflict or crises. They do not need much effort to make the right choices and channel misdirected energies into positive development. These sextile aspects give inherent skills, devotion and artistic gifts. They make many things come easy so your needs are easily met. They give the internal stability and flexibility so you can successfully realize your abilities.

Moon sextile Saturn makes you feel protective of your family and partner. You will show how much you care for them in practical ways, not through public displays of emotion. Your task is to give nourishment and comfort through food, shelter and a shoulder to cry on. Commitment, loyalty and your family home become more important. You can carry out your duties and responsibilities with care and patience.

Moon sextile Uranus brings stimulating personal encounters and exciting events. You will feel more open to change in your life and may actively seek it out. Your stronger than normal intuition can guide you in making quick decisions on which way to go. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunities. This is a good time to find original ways of doing things because of your inquisitive and inventive nature.


Full Moon August 2018 at 3°12′ Pisces aligns with two fortunate and powerful fixed stars. The spiritual influence of these stars is ideal for developing your occults skills in astrology or Tarot. These stars are also good for making money and finding success in large companies. But some secret business could cause difficulties that postpone your success.

The five harmonious blue aspects are all under one degree orb so are  very strong. They create a Grand Trine and a Minor Grand Trine that together with the Sun opposite Moon form a Kite aspect pattern. This makes the full moon so good for improving yourself, your relationships and your life in general. You can make creative changes that improve your skills and develop your talents. Full moon August 2018 brings exciting opportunities for success that can increase your wealth and bring a greater sense of security and stability.

If the Full Moon August 2018 astrology chart directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see full moon transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 11 August 2018
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 9 September 2018

Full Moon August 2018 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – June 27, 9:52 pm
  • New York – June 28, 0:52 am
  • London – June 28, 5:52 am
  • Delhi – June 28, 10:22 am
  • Sydney – June 28, 2:52 pm


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