Message from the Angels: Beautiful Order is Emerging

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart. Beneath the seeming chaos of your world, a more beautiful order is emerging. Beneath the hatred, bigotry and division, a desire for unity cries out within human hearts. Within every unkind interaction you witness on the news or even within your own families, there is within all present a deep desire for greater harmony.

Everything, dear ones, is always in right order. There are times when the lurking dis-eases in society must be exposed in order to be healed. So too with your dreams and manifestations, everything is in right order.

The universe is in an elegant vibrational dance in which every single one of you, and indeed every aspect of creation, is guided and informed in every single instant, again and again and again.

This guidance attempts to help you live in a loving, harmonious dance with one another. This guidance attempts to help you find the easiest path. This guidance, tries to deter your from unloving situations and bring you ever closer to the source of love that lives within you.

This guidance is, as you say on earth, “up to the moment,” steering you always in the present, based on present conditions.

Say you were going to take a drive. You check the road conditions and all looks well. You set out on your drive with great enthusiasm. However, several hours into your drive you see the highway signs that tell you an accident is ahead. The road is now closed.

You have choice at this time. You can say, “No! I was guided! I checked the road a few hours ago! I was told all was well! I’m ignoring this moment! I’m going ahead…” in which case you would find yourself sitting in a very long traffic jam.

Or you could say, “Well, I was really looking forward to this drive. I honored my guidance. I checked the road, but now things have changed. I still want a nice drive. What next?” In this case you’d check your maps and be guided to steer down another road and have a different adventure, equally joyous.

You will recognize elements of your life in this parable. If you honor your guidance once in awhile, or only when it tells you what you think you “should” hear, then you will find yourself wavering between grace and ease and life’s “traffic jams.” If you listen to your heart, moment by moment, then you’ll continuously be guided along the path of greatest ease and joy.

This guidance may steer you towards a person of like mind and heart but if they change or refuse to do their growth this guidance might later steer you away from the relationship and towards another. Always it steers you ever closer to yourself.

This guidance might help you make a decision that is good for you today but give you different advice tomorrow if external conditions change. You might feel like eating a certain food today but as your internal environment shifts, your authentic cravings will as well. In each moment your guidance steers you towards the healthiest, happiest path.

So listen to your feelings dear ones, in the moment. They tell you if you are on track. If something feels harmonious, loving, and pleasant, then right now it is. If something feel chaotic, unpleasant or bad, then right now it is. Don’t worry about the future. Always, in this moment, you are guided to the best possible life… now and now and now again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers