The Council: Fields

ascended beingsWe often speak of fields. What are these fields? What is THE field? Let us see if we can shed some light upon this topic. Now, as usual, none of this will be new to you. And that is actually our intent. We simply want you to look upon yourselves, and all that surrounds you, in a new way.

We have taken you to another viewpoint in the past. And in order to discuss this, we will do so again. But this time we will only go as far as observing matter, your own cells perhaps, at the level upon which they exist. Bear in mind that everything we see will be equally true at smaller levels and at much higher levels.

Here we are at the level of your body’s cells. As you would expect, there is space between all of these. We have sharpened your senses somewhat. You are now hearing their sounds, their vibrations, and feeling their energies. What are those?

Your cells operate on electro-magnetic energy as well as chemical processes. And even the chemical processes are energetic in nature. Because of this electro-magnetism, your cells are generating, as well as consisting of, a field of energy. You are standing in it.

All of the cells around us at the present are of the same type. Let us say that they are skin cells, perhaps the cells of your arm. Now, as we walk along, all of these cells are consisting of and generating vibrations of like energy. We can say that it is melding into a field of a certain frequency. With your new sensitivity, it feels and sounds the same as we move forward. Every once in while we hear a slightly off note, that of a cell generating a new cell, or perhaps that of a cell in distress. All of the other cells know what this means instantly. Is it normal? Is it alarming? Reaction is immediate.

Moving along on our tour we begin to feel and hear a different note, a different vibration. And now we sense that we are leaving one energy and entering another.

The cells we are surrounded with now are different somehow. Let’s say these are muscle cells, although we could have picked from several others in your arm. You can tell that the field they are generating is different from the one you were in before.

Now we will say that this is true of nerve cells, bone cells, and all of the other kinds that go to make up your physical body. Each type generates particular frequencies. Each cell is surrounded by a field of its frequency. And here is where it gets interesting.

All of these frequencies are involved in a much larger field. Perhaps it is an arm field. It could be a liver field. It could be a brain field. And all of those fields are, once again, producing a human body field. Sounds like an entire orchestra, doesn’t it?

Each of the cells that are in that body are in continual and instant communication with all of the others. Now let’s grow back to our normal size and viewpoint, but let’s retain our new super senses.

We can now hear and feel the energy of that entire body. It is the same, in some ways, as the other bodies around it. But also subtly different and unique. It is very much the same as those of other humans, but it is quite different from that squirrel over there.

And yet, the humans, the squirrels, the trees, and everything else consist of fields of energy that merge into an entire concert. And, as we said above, this is true at every level, every level.

All of those fields go into the makeup of THE field. Nothing exists outside of THE field, nor can it. Each is a part of IT. But IT is the all of each. Which, if you have followed us this far, makes our next statement true.

You are a part of that which is God, but God is the whole of that which is you.



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