The Grandmothers: Love Is All There Is

grandmothers speak“Love is it!” the Grandmothers said, and laughing, added, “it’s the ‘whole enchilada’. Don’t waste time with other things,” they shook their heads while waving their hands. “We’re telling you the truth,” they said. “When you come to the end of your life, what do you think you will care about?” they asked, and then answered their own question. “All you will hold close to your heart then will be love. The people you’ve loved,” they said, “the times you turned away from anger and fear and chose love instead, the many ways you expressed love, and the many ways you opened to receive it. Really,” they opened their arms wide and smiled, “When it comes right down to it, you are love…nothing but love. So why,” they asked,

“don’t you simply let go and admit it?

“All the news today?” they questioned. “All the things you worry about?–your health, money, family, and friends? Almost everything that passes for entertainment these days? All the stuff you desire to own? All of these–life’s grand distractions,” they said, “what do they have to do with love? Do they express love?” they asked. “Teach love? What good are they?” the Grandmothers asked, puzzled looks on their faces. “What purpose do they serve? And why do you spend your days tied up in them?

“Let go of all that now,” they said, waving their hands back and forth as if to erase this from my consciousness.“Get on with loving,” they said. “Get on with it. Do it. How can you express the love in your heart today? Who can you give something to? Who or what can you lift up right now? Where can you make a difference? Use this day,” they said, “don’t waste it. Don’t spend your life re-running the activities in the second paragraph here,” they threw up their hands and laughed. Then they asked, “Would you like to drop your fixation with all that old stuff and simply move into love? Would you?” they asked, peering deep into my eyes.

“All the suffering in the world exists because of a lack of love,” they said.  “At this point suffering on Earth has reached crisis proportions, yet you, with your wide open heart, can make all the difference. Do something kind today,” the Grandmothers said. “Go out of your way for someone.

“We tell you, it’s these seemingly small (to you) acts that make ALL the difference in this world. Your heart is a lighted place,” they said. “So use this lighted place to light the world. Give love. Send love. Express it. And do it now.”

Then they laughed. “And because everything you do, you do in concert with the Net of Light, every good act, every kind thought you will send out will be multiplied many times over. We love to see love grow like that,” they said, hugging one another tight.



» Channel: Sharon McErlane

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