Heavenletters: To the Wonder of Yourself

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, at the same time as you create yourself, you miss out on the concept that this is what you perennially are doing. Why do you miss out on what is going on? Because you are in a daze. You just may not have woken up yet. Now you will open your eyes up wide to the wonder of yourself.

You have heard the expression that you know not what you do, yet this expression now takes on a new meaning. You know not Who you are. Now, the good news is that your heart cells are opening up to the love within you that you also happen to radiate out to everyone near and far. Now each person begins to see you as himself. Everyone who sees you now says quietly to himself: “Why, here I am set before the Universe!”

Here it is: You begin to see that you are your own Creator as well as the Creator of All. You create everyone else, too.

No one is created alone. No book is written by the consciousness of one author. All is reciprocal.

Of course, no one creates singly. Creating is a group embrace. No one exists alone, and no one is created alone. Everything is reciprocal – all writers and all readers.

You may think you do everything you do for the edification of yourself alone, that you do solely exist for your own pleasure. You are not one single self, nor are you ever alone, despite the sense of loneliness you carry so unboundedly on your shoulders.

You hear that I am said to be One, yet what am I when you are already One with Me?
Furthermore, what are you when you are forever One with Me?

What do you think you know anyway when you are so bewildered as you flurry around here and there? You hardly know your own name.

How often does My Name come to you as your own refrain? My music is played throughout the Universe. You don’t have to turn on the radio. I am My Own Vibration running through your bloodstream.

I am the mountain, and I come to you. Of course, I do. I come in a dream you imagine you dream, even as it is you who already have walked into My Presence. You don’t merely bump into Me. You crisscross with Me for old time’s sake.

I build Us up in the Image of the Oneness of Oneness. I will call you Myself quite openly.

We are always opening up to the Miracle We always have been. There is nothing less to open up to. We bow to Our One Self while Our One Self permeates the Universe.

We are Oneness watching Oneness. We are Oneness watching Oneness and perhaps sensing We are getting away with something. There is nothing to get away with, and We don’t want to, and We don’t need to except to fool Ourselves. We don’t fool ourselves for very long – if at all.

Truly, you want truth and nothing but the truth. There is nothing to get away with, whatever this means or doesn’t mean anyway.

You crave the straight goods. You want daily bread. You want the wonderfulness of life in the raw. I, We, You are the wonderfulness You seek.

Life is founded on love. There is nothing else but love, and We are It! Love loves love. Love can do nothing else but love. Love creates, and nothing else does. Love is the foundation of creation. Love is the Creator, no matter whose shoes love wears at the moment. We wear each other’s shoes or no shoes at all.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff