Sananda: Remain Calm As The Storm Approaches

sanandaI AM Sananda.

As always it is such a pleasure to be with you, to be able to share, and open up consciousness within you and all around you or to assist in doing that.  For that is what this is all about–is raising consciousness wherever you can, whenever you can.

Make it your daily activity, your daily purpose, you might say–to raise your consciousness whenever the opportunity arises, whatever it might be.  Feel the Love coursing through your body and as that Love moves through your body, send it out.  Send it out to whomever would have a need for it.  Let the Love express outward.  For know that you ARE that Love, that expressed Love of the Father-Mother God.  Let it always express outward.  Do not hold it in.  Let it out.  Express the Love, the Consciousness, the Light.

As you know, many things are continuing to change.  Many shifts are happening.  And the same old-same old is no longer holding true.  Some would still hold on to that, would want the status quo.  But that is all changing–for the status quo, the same old-same old–will not be allowed too much longer.  And for those that want to stay in that space and want to continue to know the familiar in their lives, that want to stay within that comfort zone that they have always known, that will be available to them; but for those of you that are ready to move on into a Higher Level of Consciousness, Higher Vibration, to actually experience in a full waking state those dreams, those experiences you have been speaking of, to actually have that on an every-moment basis, this is what is ahead for you.

And I tell you now, as Sananda, it is time now to remain calm as the Storm approaches.  We have spoken of this Storm before.  You hear it in many different ways, and it IS approaching.  And with it, a great many changes are coming.

You only need to continue to hold patience for just a little bit longer.  For the many things that have been happening in the background are now beginning to come forward and are going to begin to become revealed.  And there is nothing that can stop it.  For it is destined.  It is destined for the Truth to be revealed to all of mankind.

And the Truth shall come in many different ways from many different sources. One of those sources being your media.  For even that which you call the mass media is beginning to turn.  Because those that are in control or have been in control are going to lose that control, or are going to turn it over, and the Truth will be revealed from many different directions.

And it will be overwhelming to a great many who will begin to see some of these things, hear some of these things that you have been experiencing now for a while.  They will hear it now for the first time.  And just as it was quite shocking to you at times–some of the things that you have heard, think about what it will be like for them when it all comes forward–almost all at once.  They will be shocked.

And you, those of you that have been preparing and acclimating to these energies will be there to assist, to share, to open up those things which you have known for a while and it will be time for them to now know.

I am Sananda.  I leave you now in Peace and Love and truly stay calm, for the Storm does approach.



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