Galaxygirls’ Higher Self: Implementing5D Concepts

thecollectiveGreetings friends, fellow journeyers on ascending Gaia. I am this one’s higher self and it has been requested of me to discuss in all practicality how to implement 5d concepts of light, of love, of joy, of laughter, into your every day lives, that have been – but are no longer – 3d. No, you dears are advancing quite rapidly, so rapidly we are beyond joyful at your progress. Your questions have matured to mirror your own increase in wisdom and understanding. You are not who you were even last week, which is a high sign of the successful integration of these elevated frequencies from the heartbeat of the Mother, that you have been diligently implementing as we / the universe, downloads them to you.

How to create more joy, is the question. It is in your approach to every situation. For if you see with the eyes of love, you are naturally infusing joy into it. Humanity has been so caught up in mere survival that joy was considered a luxury in times gone by. No longer. For you are creating this, A Team! You are creating with joy and with purpose, if that is your intention. I see that so many of you are beyond weary – almost too weary to hold an intention with clarity and so you muddle through and the outcome is perhaps less than you wanted it to be. Hold joy as your intention in every situation. Start the day with saying something simple like that and see what will follow. Have it be your intention to have it come to mind or have your angels repeat it for you if you are too weary. We are all on your back up team and happy to help with whatever prayers are murmured through out the day. We can amplify your intentions to be in the joy of the moment, to infuse with more laughter and more light and to increase your sparkle.

I think that if you perceive situations with the expectation of joy it will naturally flow to you. For the universe is a mirror of what you give out, of what you anticipate. And so naturally more joy will flow. As far as the weariness factor, see it as a sign that indeed you are progressing splendidly, dear ones. It so warms my heart to see your tenacious advancements – your clearings of the underworld at night and your implementation of New Earth vibrations during the day in your more open hearted interactions with the asleep ones. You are building it. You are creating this. Know that we in the Company of Heaven see this and appreciate your successes and see it as already done.

Have faith in yourselves that you are up to this task. That you are big enough for this and that the answers you seek already lie within you. And if you have the wisdom to be still and listen you will know this truth. For as the Arcturians said recently your heightened knowingness is online now. Enjoy this. And perhaps be a bit more confident in knowing that you are all that you came here to be, and that you are becoming that which you already have always been but forgot for awhile.

Many of you have joyful reunions with us to look forward to and your twins are waiting expectantly with great joy and see you with the eyes of love, not of anything less than this. We know that you in human form feel unworthy. It is the unworthiness program that many of you have been blasting through this week. Embrace this knowing and know deep down you are more than worthy of the greatest of loves. For you are love. And we love you so much. I am this one’s higher self. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl