Archangel Michael: Wield My Sword of Truth and Spread the Light Wherever You Can

archangel michael eraoflightI am Archangel Michael.  As always, it is a pleasure to be here with you in these ways to continue these processes, to continue these experiences, to continue to bring you to the precipice, the precipice that is right there in front of you.  It has been there all along.  You have just not seen it.  You have not been fully aware of it until these present times now. Because as you know, many things are about to change. The expression of consciousness is spreading rapidly throughout the entire planet, even before the Event, preparing the way.  All of you, those of you, the Way-Showers, are preparing the way for this consciousness wave to come into the planet.  For without you preparing the way, the wave would not come, not for a very long time.  But, because all of you here in these moments, passing through those changes that you have been going though, whether it is losing a loved one, moving from one place to another, experiencing an illness, and then moving through that illness, experiencing many of the symptoms of ascension, all of you are moving through this now, through this transition.

This transition is taking you into the higher realms.  The higher realms where all of us are waiting, waiting to welcome you with open arms.  For we are not figments of your imagination.  We are as real as you are.   It is time now for mankind to begin to realize that as well.   That we are no different than you, no higher than you, no lower than you.  For we are you, and you are us.

It has been said previously that when you meet us, we do not want you to kneel  in front of us.  We do not want you to supplicate yourself.  We want you, instead, to stand boldly in front of us, and put out your arms and give a great big hug, just as we will with you.  For we are so much more close than you can possibly imagine at this point—much closer that we have been in a very long, long time.  Where in times long past, we knew each other very well.  We could stand in front of each other in physical bodies.  Those times were long ago,  but those times are returning now, returning to understand the oneness within all of us, the connection that we all have.

For I, as Archangel Michael, and Sananda, and Ashtar, and St. Germain, and Aromda, and Adama, and so on and so on, all of the Archangels, all of the Company of Heaven, all of the Agarthans, we are all in this now together with you.  We are all part of this alliance.  And you, each one of you, are part of the Alliance as well, as the boots on the ground.   The Ground Force.   You are our arms and legs.  You are our eyes and ears.  All that we do, we do through you, to continue spread and share the light and the love in the one consciousness.

So as always, take now my Sword of Truth, and my Shield of Protection, and surround yourself with that shield, and wield that sword in front of you, and spread the light wherever you can.  For the times now are upon you.  And it is time now to prepare.

I am Archangel Michael.   I leave you now, and will be back with you again soon as the many changes begin to develop more and more around you and through you.

Peace and love be with all of you.



Channel: James McConnell

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