The Pleiadian Collective: Moving Forward

The PleiadesWe are the Pleiadian Collective sending greetings and well wishes this day to our tenacious ground team who despite all obstacles and ascension symptoms press ever onward. You are our heroes and we salute you in your service to Gaia, your current planetary mother and a critical planet in the multiverse. And of course this entire (space) quadrant

The Council: Healing the Squirmy Bits

ascended beingsYou have asked another question that would need a book, or several books, to answer. In fact many such books have been written over the centuries. Let us just touch upon some of the more necessary ideas that must be understood.

In much of your world, you have come to see things as either/or. Either something is this or it is not. It is good or it is bad. It is black or it is white

Caravan of 7000+ Drives Toward U. S. Border: It Could Be The Final Deep State Showdown

realnews source eraoflightThe Facts: The hazards inherent in the caravan of 7000+ migrants that started in Ecuador is being downplayed by mainstream media, who are only talking about it in the context of Donald Trump trying to rally his base with tough immigration talk.

Reflect On: Can we see in this caravan crisis another agenda of the Deep State at play, and notice signs that they may be firing the last of their salvos

Energy Report Update: It’s Ramping Up!

througthelight eraoflightSolar Activity~

2nd rotation around for these two massive coronal holes, in which during the last rotation they expelled a moderate CME! I’m going to say the same will likely happen this time around. These can kick up some craziness with those who are sensitive to energy, but are clueless as to what is occurring on a cosmic

Heavenletters: Beloved, Absolutely, Swing on a Star

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, Beloved You, Child of Earth, you are truly a symphony of beauty as I made you. Now you play yourself on the keys of a beautifully polished grand piano. You may tend to play urgently, as if life itself could be endangered. This is more than one way of looking at life. There are many ways to look at life, not all

Drink More Black Tea To Prevent This Common Sexually Transmitted Disease

natures medicine eraoflightA study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (DA) found that drinking more black tea will protect against trichomoniasis, one of the world’s most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is due to protective compounds in the tea that can inhibit the parasite’s growth.

Trichomoniasis is caused by