The Pleiadian Collective: Moving Forward

The PleiadesWe are the Pleiadian Collective sending greetings and well wishes this day to our tenacious ground team who despite all obstacles and ascension symptoms press ever onward. You are our heroes and we salute you in your service to Gaia, your current planetary mother and a critical planet in the multiverse. And of course this entire (space) quadrant depends on your success and the success of this project, so there is a lot riding on you and our shoulders at this critical time. But please be reassured that all is proceeding according to plan and we salute you in your extreme devotion to Gaia, for when her call was heard across all time space you heard and you were chosen for your grit, your mettle.

And absolutely in times such as these your grit and mettle have been sorely tested, have they not? Ah, yes we see that they have and you are becoming so much stronger – so very much. And it pleases us because we know how much it will please you for you have achieved one of your primary purposes in this lifestream, to ascend with the Mother Gaia and to assist her in her birthing of herself into the next dimension and well beyond. For all is not entirely as it seems, friends. Plans are well underway and being executed in the most excellent and efficient fashion. And you ground team are playing an integral role of holding the light and of anchoring these energies. Your light work matters.

You are making a difference and we reassure you that indeed you matter, your current difficulties are not being missed or overlooked but please do note that this has been a very long, trying and difficult war with too many casualties to count. And yes, there is much riding on this. Perhaps this is why we seem so intense to this one. We are not the floating-about-all-is-love kind of beings. We are military, we are precise, but please know that yes of course we are loving in our precision. And yes, (laughing) we do love our schedules and we run a tight one because there is so much to do and there is so very much riding on the success of Mission Ascension Planet Gaia. And you team are an integral role in this, and we again salute you for your service and deep sacrifice. When you see this from our perspective, all will become much more clear and you will be astonished and delighted when we play the ‘reruns’ and you are able to see your light, your prayers, your grid work truly light up Gaia. It is happening friends and you are doing an excellent most noteworthy job and we appreciate you!

Now that being said, there is of course much more to be done, but we assure you that all is going according to plan. Rest. Eat light healthy foods. Listen for your Pleiadian or other space family self and develop a rapport with them. For they are a version of you, most likely, and are eager to connect. It is the time of such connections to begun in haste, in intensity yes, so welcome them in. For your higher version of you will of course have the most excellent advice, and are tapping you on your shoulder. Look for the signs of such connection, be open, be listening. And of course you will hear more easily with the rising of the energy tide, the realms between worlds are more malleable, more pliable and it is easier to hear us step through to speak with you, such as we are doing with this one in this Now moment.

Channeling is easy. You were all born with this innate ability. It is time to turn up your antenna and of course ground and of course guard against the false ones, but learn to listen. Listen within your protective bubble, within your sacred space. Invite the Mother and Father God within, invite yourself in. Breathe. Form rituals. Be precise with your devoted time of quiet and solitude. For we see this as the most important medicine or prescription for ascension symptoms and wellness that we could possibly give at this time. For well beyond the “all is well” assurances, you need some friendly advice, and we see this sacred time with oneself as being the most critical.

3D is passing away friends. Ground team, you see this, you know this, you sense this. The others have no idea. They will be in for quite a surprise when the wave hits and many will find themselves somewhere else in another matrix or perhaps Nova Gaia immediately if that is their contract. It all depends upon their vibrational level, friends. Do not over think this. We encourage you to please think about your own vibration so that your worry for others does not cause you to descend. That is our best advice to you at this time regarding this matter that everyone is worked up about. Remember this is divine planning. Mother God is in charge ultimately, and we yield to her planning, and please be assured that everyone will be exactly placed where they agreed to be and need to be for the work that they will have to do, whether personal or global or galactic.

You, Nova Gaians, will be itching to get to work in creating a beautiful realm. This realm has already been formed and many are waiting for on you the other side of the veil but please be assured that this is just part of it. You will have all of the help that you need and require. But we see you as doing the most excellent jobs at this for you are the cream of the crop and we all love you so much and send you our devotion and our promise of support! We salute you, friends. Not much longer now. Hold on. Be at peace. Schedule your solitude, your quiet times as many of you call them, and connect. Connect! That is what this is all about! Connecting with your galactic team, family and your lost part of yourselves – not really lost of course, but perhaps out of your memory. It is time to unite these memories of your inner wanderings and connect with the highest forms of you. Many of you have done this many times (ascension). You are pros. Professionals. And you will continue to remember more of your powers as the light ever increases.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. Salute! That is all for now.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl