Higher Levels of Consciousness

thebluerayHigher vibrational energies are without a doubt having an effect on All beings. The union of science and consciousness is also ‘changing’ or becoming more ‘advanced’ as well. The existence and even the every prescence of advanced technology such as anti gravity and sonic healing inspires freedom for new horizons. The connections that are forming are creating bonds between one another on a level that has never before been reached

Beacons of Light October 2018: Grace

newlightearth eraoflightGreetings, dear ones.

We join you this day as your game now reaches another level. We are so incredibly proud of all of you, for you decided to take off your wings, come to Earth and put on a veil of forgetfulness. You have experienced some of the harshness, even the pain of planet Earth, to evolve all that is and you’re making

Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightCosmic waves initialize… yet we also have uber-high frequencies going straight for our nervous systems to upgrade more/again. There’s a WHOLE LOT going on in every way. Our body parts (eyes/ears/heart)…. organs, flesh/skin…. pineal, spine… everything getting LIT UP… for some, you may feel tingling (as the body stimulates/wakes up). Any distortions will be

The Angels: Angels Asigned

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

We are always here beside you. Never do you live your lives alone. Never do you have to handle a challenge without wisdom, a betrayal without a trusted friend, a loss without a reminder of your eternal connection to abundance. Never do you have to figure out how to solve a problem or create a dream