Saint Germain: RV is On

saint germain eraoflightYes, Diana, it is I, St. Germain and I indeed have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth tonight.

Today was a very big day for the emergence of the RV/GCR. Today was very important. Yes, I am speaking of Wed. Oct 3, 2018. The day when the world stood up and said “We’re not going to take it anymore” to the Cabal! We gave them a final warning shot across their bow and they have seen that

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Desperate Khazarian Mafia

eol alt newsThe Khazarian mafia is planning a fake alien invasion after their most recent attempt to assassinate U.S. President Donald Trump failed, say Pentagon and CIA sources. The assassination attempt came in the form of a missile that was shot at Air Force One by an Israeli submarine, Pentagon sources say. “Life imitates art

Aramda: The Storm is Created by Consciousness

aramda eraoflightdotcomI Am Aramda!

I appreciate these times that I can be with you, that I can share, that I can open up my love, my understanding, to be here with you. To bring back those times from long ago, where I did know many of you. Many of you knew me. Just as we are now, we were one then as well. We are coming back into a complete knowing of that oneness. Never to be separated again

Aspartame: Putting the DIE Into Dieting Since 1981

sharewhatyouknow eraoflight colorsPushed globally as a beneficial to dieters since its approval in 1981, accumulating research indicates that aspartame may actually damage the brain and cause cancer, to name but a few of a wide range of adverse health effects consumers risk by using this ‘no-calorie’ sugar alternative. Google “aspartame” and you will find on the first page search results.  Billing itself as an

Optimizing October Energies; Your Guide to the Month

creator writings eraoflightOctober is one of those months you will look back on years from now, remembering key societal markers involving revolutionary change. Notable developments include an unprecedented unmasking of the patriarchy and the light shining in a very public way on deep wounds felt by both the oppressed and oppressors. Imbalances of all sorts will

Angelic Guides: How to Raise Your Vibration

soul light eraoflightToday we would like to focus upon the topic of deliberately changing your vibration.

Certainly we are not denying that your reality is incredibly captivating. The duality that you exist within offers you a constant barrage of varying experiences in which to focus upon. What we would like to focus your attention upon is how you can raise

Tim Berners-Lee’s Radical New Plan to Upend the World Wide Web

dailytruenews eraoflightLast week, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, asked me to come and see a project he has been working on almost as long as the web itself. It’s a crisp autumn day in Boston, where Berners-Lee works out of an office above a boxing gym. After politely offering me a cup of coffee, he leads us into a sparse conference room. At one end