Yeshua: Do Not Allow Doubts About Your Worthiness

sanandaWe, God, the All, Source, Reality, the One, YOU – all sentient life – areintensely and creatively fully involved in the awakening process. It is ongoing, and it has been since the moment of apparent separation, and now the next moment of awakening is approaching rapidly, as “stuff” arises for everyone to release and make room for L O V E, your true nature, to unveil Itself in your hearts and minds. Many of you are already getting a sense, a feeling of this, so open

The Council: The Universe Experiencing Itself

ascended beings“What some Advaita Vedanta teachings point to in this regard is that we are being lived, i.e. we are not the doer but rather that Source/Consciousness is directing our experience, or put another way, we are the Universe experiencing itself through the eyes of an apparent separate being. Now, we know that there is only ONENESS so this concept makes a great deal of sense to me. There is saying in Buddhist circles that points to this; “Events happen, deeds are done, but there is