October’s Re-Structuring Processes: Non-Stop DNA/Template Re-Coding

era of light dna upgradesHIGHEST ALIGNED OVER YOUR OLD

As Your Perceptions of REALities Shift …
As YOUR Energy Shifts …
As You Let Go of the Games of Separation YOU Kept Playing Out


It’s only “others”, if they are playing in it too…

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

This is a POWERFUL MONTH dedicated to many UP-SHIFTS…. Template UP-GRADES and RE-WRITES are off the charts… I don’t even hardly write Energy Reports anymore, because I’d have to be online 24/7 to say the same thing over and over again. I did this for years in the beginning, to bring awareness to each of their own LightBody and NEW Earth here. That’s not my primary/only role anymore, other than when it feels appropriate/aligned… as we have so many roles we are constantly fulfilling here.

“WE are getting blasted, Photonic (Galactic Soul) Upgrades are off the Charts, Cosmic Stellar-Star-Light Codes are bombarding all…. DNA Recoding is in Quantum Acceleration mode…. REALities are being re-written/re-aligned…. these are just a very small portion of what’s “going down” 24/7 every day now”…. This is what I’d have to write every moment…

WE learn to continually integrate and acclimate and cut everything out that does not fully support in higher purposes/highest aligned realities in every way…. HOW these correlate are an individual and personal experience and where there are masses going through similar experiences, these make up the infinite collectives….

I’ve been observing overall themes, based upon various collectives… with each in very different places/spaces, relative to each’s current EMBODIMENT… Now, we can look at this like “the human is EGO embodied”, whereas the Light BEing is Higher/Highest Consciousness Embodied…. if this helps to “see” a bit more. What we learn to SEE are the traits, the mannerisms, the mindsets, the amount of ego matrix separation programs still visible and where we each hold ourselves accountable for BEING our highest aspects all of the time, or where WE go unconscious around a situation or story/thing still….

Look at yourself, what can “trigger” (activate) you to go unconscious, close your heart and behave like a victim or over-impose/project, or cause you to lack deep sacred LOVE and RESPECT? Where are you still “expecting” something from OUTSIDE vs. standing as your HIGHEST YOU AS THE EXAMPLE…. LEADING AS Love…. and no longer compromising to play out unconscious roles here still?

We are constantly increasing LIGHT QUOTIENTS to move each out of the “victim/perpetrator” duality game that each still holds energy for…. an ego-matrix construct….. for the SOLE PURPOSE of collapsing those identity constructs … to the whole frequency bandwidth …. Some of you play the “protector”, the “Savior”, the Martyr even… which is also a distortion amplified for YOU TO SEE…. some of you love to play the “blame game” and hold onto “stories” of another “time” (separation) that’s not “real” in this moment here… unless you keep playing it out… keep re-creating it to occur… keep allowing it and giving your power away… then, it is. This is the “game of duality”…. that each continues until going so deeeeeeeep inside that that separation dissolves and each REALIZES it was YOUR ENERGY that created/allowed that to still BE…..

When your VIEW changes, when your perspectives change and you see ALL AS SOVEREIGN…. all living THEIR OWN REALITY OUT perfect for them… you’ll stop “inner-twining” your REALITIES and you’ll stand as SOVEREIGN here….. and RESPECT THEIR REALITY, RESPECT YOUR REALITY and then CHOOSE…. what you desire your OWN EXPERIENCE to BE here…. because “this” is what you are creating/re-creating… one from PURE SOURCE POWER-LOVE…. or one from the “lack” programming (disconnected state/fear energy) you are still holding inside….

These LIGHT CODES/ENERGIES are beyond powerful…. they pack a bazillion punches if you are holding anything NOT PURE…. this is the WHOLE POINT of Cosmic Light Codes… they “collapse/re-construct” your old realities for you…. they make distortions LOUD and IN YOUR FACE… so you can see them, dissolve them, resolve them… and they point you INWARD EVERY TIME… If this is not where you are going, then you are PROJECTING Unconscious BEhaviors out…. these transmissions convolute the field…

Clarity comes in the SILENCE or in the middle of a massive distortion so loud you can’t ignore it anymore and once you’ve cleared/Transcended the entire program fully from within.

Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, WayShowers and Source Light Holders… our priority is UNITY in every way. Human aspects are constantly challenged, because the ego constructs are separation within itself. Living AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU in every moment means you are OBSERVING AND GOVERNING yourself, YOUR ENERGY FULLY… in EVERY MOMENT… and you are not playing out the unconscious programs from within you anymore…. you also are not inviting them into your own reality and allowing them to suck/drain your precious energy like before. Yes, ego “sucks” (in every way), as it takes soooooooooo much ENERGY to BE in a REALity with the ego. The relentless stories of lack…. instead of taking that ENERGY and FOCUSING it on Conscious Creation, Contribution and BEing the CHANGE, both together and by your self.

The DROP-OFF of the lower timelines (again, because entire collectives are going through this powerfully now), means that this occurs WITHIN YOU…. and shows up in your external… for you to see/experience…. All of those heightened E=MOTIONS are the energy that was suppressed on your cellular level, all of the programming you still held, all of the stories, separation, identities…. THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE INNER MATRIX TO TRANSCEND… and it’s not “on anyone else”, like the human ego loves to believe/proclaim… it’s on you/we/all of us…. to transcend within ourselves and unite as Sovereign Light BEings – in our FULLY REMEMBERED STATE (which is no one is a victim in any way)…. (As your Crystalline LightBody evolves on a DNA/Celluar/Whole Template level, you “switch over” to a Crystalline/Christed Matrix that replaces the old one…)

What the human aspect does not understand is that each one of us is always supported to STEP INTO OUR POWER in order to dissolve the old programming held. Everywhere we are not doing this yet, this is what becomes visible… and your “test” (passageway) is to see if you will EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS MORE and come from your absolute highest place, as your highest aspect/version of you… without the ego-stories and HOLD ALL AS LOVE, instead of re-entering the old to play out again and again and again….

I’ve been observing masses continuing with the “words”…. “I survived” or “I was a victim of…”, not realizing the CLAIMING is the CONTINUED IDENTIFICATION… and the “holding on” is a mentality, a separation, a story (ENERGY)… that reinforces duality to continue to play out for those “in that story-line”….

I went through this for my entire unconscious/asleep human life. I had SO MUCH ENERGY CAUGHT UP IN THE STORY that I could not see…… I was so blinded by my emotions, carrying soooooooo much, that my virtual prison was “my ego me”. I had to CHOOSE one day… to step completely BEYOND, to choose to let completely go, so that I could finally be happy and free….. I see sooooo many now in their own phases of being caught up in “titles” and various “identities”, even when waking up to higher self aspects… “affixing” to those too. This is human ego matrix constructs still….. let the words go……. let it all go….. RETURN TO THAT PUREST PLACE DEEP INSIDE OF YOU… where none of that exists….

You are and ENERGETIC BEING in a body that takes shape in the form you chose here. You, as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, have no identities…. not even all of the higher selves or the ego… these are all just ASPECTS…. fractals of your OVERSOUL…. that when all merge into ONE… you are nothing but PURE SOURCE LIGHT….. with zero lack in any way….. the rest is your human ego and you playing this out throughout your day…. or living as your brilliant and magnificent LIGHT…..

The REALITY you EXPERIENCE will be relative to your own aspects, versions and ability to maintain a UNIFIED SPACE INSIDE where you don’t fractal off anymore…. Observe your IDENTITY to different dimensions…. 3D or 4D or 5D or above… and let all of this go too. We only break it down to understand it, so we can dissolve the separation, not continue to live out more separation through those fractals too. Each is a level of consciousness that we hold, each is a space we occupy, each is a vibration….. If you get caught up in the separation, it’s your separation inside…. WHEN YOU ARE YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU… you won’t care about any of “that”…. only to teach/share/re-educate as love, only a way to explain…. not a linear-head thing…… a SOUL thing….

Where do you still have an IDENTITY TO 3D/4D realities as yours still? This is going to be important for you to observe/see and realize where you are not completely whole, completely ONE and holding a space as SOVEREIGN…. all of the time. When you go small, you’ve separated off…. and RECOGNITION OF THIS is what gives you the ability to expand and stay expanded here. You observe You… “that” is your feedback loop, your vibrational return, your mirror, your reflection….. of what you still hold/hold….. and if it’s not the absolute highest vibrational everything, then you must go inside and “find it” and resolve it yourself to expand beyond it and collapse/dissolve it yourself….. OCTOBER has been a non-stop 24/7 upgrade/integration process. Even the 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY Code that “used” to blast us “here and there”, now is 24/7… which is pushing our bodies hard for this 12D template reconfiguration process that accelerates exponentially for all……

Elevate your focus BEYOND EVEN 5D, which is where each awakens to the beauty, magnificence and magic that’s available… yet then moves into much higher dimensional roles of SERVICE. The newly awakened will stay in 5D to play/let go and prepare, it’s a FREEDOM SPACE, where play and magic are the new reality for a bit, as each shifts to a REMEMBERED STATE OF HOW ALL IS SUPPOSED TO BE… where all forgot, while living beneath the Veils… There is an integration process that occurs here, as each’s LightBody recodes for each to step into fulfilling much higher Soul Purpose/Galactic Mission Roles. This is a transition phase as well. Honor each’s place/space, while honoring yours fully as well.

Let go of all JUDGMENT. There is a process of “growing up” as Universes/Higher Selves, which is also a challenging one for awhile, because now, the physical is each’s to fully MASTER…. where physical matter is a vibrational response to what each creates/allows. BEing UP-LEVELED to (RE)Master this… is one of the most challenging parts of the process (besides all that our bodies go through while our DNA re-writes and our bodies/fields go through continual re-calibrations, re-configurations and re-alignment processes too). ALL is a MASSIVE “learning curve” for awhile….

For the ego aspect, its always on the outside looking in and judging by way of trying to apply “old linear constructs, beliefs and limited/partial data”, unable to see the bigger/whole picture instead of the fractaled view. For the higher self aspect, they are always meeting judgment. This is a duality that is only resolved as each is “standing in these Universal shoes” and faced with having to “do this” themselves too. Transcending all duality means you see the duality and you transcend it. What other’s “do” is their experience…. YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT.

Each will gain the RESPECT as they do the journey BEYOND THE VEILS themselves… as it’s our own experiences that “teach us”…… and through this experience we start to finally understand and REALIZE how important each of our roles are here. Uniting is “tricky”, because it’s vibrational and we all have to love simplicity, silence, peace and creation… we all have to clear our own karmic timelines/existences and not bring all this forth, we all have to inJOY each other’s energy/presence, which is not always the case, especially if there’s any ego, as the ego separates off from the whole, can’t see the bigger picture and can’t stay focused/in-tune on an energetic/higher consciousness level….

There is PURE JOY in full consciousness…in creation, yet each must be totally RESPONSIBLE for their own ENERGY in every way…. and the vibration we function from and hold with our bodies/fields… this affects all, which is why we don’t fill our fields with that which pulls/pushes/drains and functions from a place of separation within….. because it affects all realities.

It is “time” for all to cut the cords of attachment to every identity…. because none of those are you… and saying the words are just wasted energy if you have to run around constantly “telling everyone”… JUST BE IT. YOUR ENERGY WILL SPEAK FOR YOU. ♥

BE THE EXAMPLE, the Wayshower… by showing HOW this is done… instead of trying to convince others… you convince them when they see it/feel it… you are the PROOF. Your words represent you, energetically, transmitting your energy, which is READABLE by all who are energetically in-tune. Here, words serve a much higher energetic higher purpose of transmitting Light Codes (organically and naturally), not what they used to for human aspects that need words to explain/understand. We actually do not “waste” our precious and sacred chi energy… Speaking has a specific purpose that must be highest aligned too.

Our Existence is ENERGETIC. Your presence is what speaks here. Your Divine Essence… this is what makes the difference…. BE YOUR LIGHT and recognize your own ego/separation/constructs still held… and dissolve these through unification from within you… and let all of those OLD REALITIES GO….. keep the ones that support, flourish and uplift, inspire and support you/your/our new, in return for the support you put in…. a vibrational return for your own contributing energy… the rest will remain in the old frequency bandwidths, and as each is ready to up-shift vibrationally, they/it/all will. Trust, know, honor, respect, allow….

You/WE are not in the “old ways” anymore. This is a vibrational existence where you/we/all shift frequency bandwidths by way of what you/we/all hold/transmit/do/allow…. with your whole body/energy/field, so if your bodies’ vibrations/energy is low, it’s going to be more challenging. This is a constant re-tuning process, of integrating much higher dimensional realms from within our bodies and holding THIS, AS OUR NOW REALITY HERE.

This is an important phase of the 12D template building process, which requires more from each one of us, vibrationally/physically/energetically…. don’t be surprised if all previous realities fall away…. they are supposed to if they are not your highest aligned realities, so that all new ones can come forth… and you are the one that creates/holds the codes for your new ones… Which are all ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL. ♥ p.s.

Now, while I write all of this, the excitement and revelations as much higher vibrational timelines present and unfold are beyond beautiful. We see soooooo many standing as love, uniting and awakening to a NEW LIFE BEYOND the old…. by BEing it…. fully. To see all hold LOVE as the basis, instead of separation like before. To see Gatekeepers and WayShowers emerging like never before. So many working for years in the background, now stepping up/forth to be visible, unite and contribute in all ways to BE the DIFFERENCE here…. Open your hearts and minds (eye/inner vision) to see what is not visible if your heart/mind are closed/fixed….. be prepared for a massive shift INSIDE… as this is where all occurs first… and “then” out there. ♥

Own your own programming… then shift it and align all from inside yourself. It is that easy…. if you are truly ready for “new” to come forth to match your new vibration (Energy) now. ♥

Abundant and Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



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