The Council: The Universe Experiencing Itself

ascended beings“What some Advaita Vedanta teachings point to in this regard is that we are being lived, i.e. we are not the doer but rather that Source/Consciousness is directing our experience, or put another way, we are the Universe experiencing itself through the eyes of an apparent separate being. Now, we know that there is only ONENESS so this concept makes a great deal of sense to me. There is saying in Buddhist circles that points to this; “Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.” In broad terms, we can say that The Universe is unfolding exactly as it should and being that we are The Universe, we are living/being exactly as we should.”

This is an excellent summing up of the understanding of the illusion of separation. You will find other expressions of it in many other places, as well.

There is something that we will point out, and then we will use the opportunity to express something else that is implied.

First, as we have stated here many times, and elsewhere, also, we are bringing forth truth in every culture and language in your world. We have always done this, but now it is being made available to all who will look and listen.

And also, these widely taught concepts of the illusion of separation that you have trouble getting past also imply oneness. If separation is an illusion, then oneness must be the alternative. Correct?

If we state that as a simple postulate, then most can agree to it. But this is an intellectual understanding. Many, over the centuries have been able to get past that to an experiential understanding. And that is where humans must go with it. Better to say that is where you must return.

There was a time when the predominant world view was that everything was conscious and could be communicated with. Some few remnants of cultures still understand this. Most, however, have had this view mercilessly drummed out of them.

It was said that ‘primitives’ ‘worshipped’ all of those false gods. It never was understood that they were actually showing gratitude to the forces and processes that contributed to the abundance in their lives. And, if we may say so, calling others primitive as you kill them off is a bit primitive.

You are told that many were ‘sun worshippers’. We ask, what is the most important and most absolutely necessary source of energy for everything on your world? What must you have to support your life? Why is giving thanks for the sun’s energy wrong? To our certain knowledge, none of those people thought that your star was the ultimate creator.

Can you see that if your societies were to learn to appreciate and give thanks for all of the things that support life, they would stop destroying your home? Trees, water, air, fertile soil, animals, plants, fish, birds are all contributing to your lives. In most cases they do this without any gratitude or appreciation. We do see that as your world situation becomes more an more obviously dire, this is changing. Is it changing rapidly enough?

And now we will make a statement that will perhaps stretch the boundaries of your credulity a bit. Those things that we did not mention, those metals, those crystals, rocks, mountains, rivers, seas, indeed every ‘thing’ that you can lay hands or eyes upon, are conscious. They are all made of energy. It took over a hundred years for that to be almost universally accepted, but now you know that they are all energy in form. All energy beings are just other states of consciousness. Your ‘primitives’ were really not so primitive after all.

Now, it may take more time for your science to arrive at this conclusion, but you need not wait for that to happen. You can live with that concept today, if you choose. How would your life change if you knew that everything around you was there in response to your thought? What if your thought, your feelings, your beliefs, were at cause for everything that you experienced?

This sounds a bit ‘new age’, doesn’t it? But we tell you that what that means is that the experiential understanding of it is beginning to seep deeper into the field of collective consciousness that you are. It is a large part of the grand awakening that is occurring at this time. You are much further along than you realize.

We have rambled enough for today. Once again, we thank you for your input.
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