Aramda: The Storm is Created by Consciousness

aramda eraoflightdotcomI Am Aramda!

I appreciate these times that I can be with you, that I can share, that I can open up my love, my understanding, to be here with you. To bring back those times from long ago, where I did know many of you. Many of you knew me. Just as we are now, we were one then as well. We are coming back into a complete knowing of that oneness. Never to be separated again. Separated yes in physical distance, but never to be separated from one another as brother and sister, the connection to the All That Is.

For as I found my self, I above you even now as I speak through this one James. I am up on my ship, looking upon the Earth, and seeing the consciousness changing as a result of all of you, all of you, those of the lightworkers. Those of you that are bringing these changes, or helping to bring these changes about. Hoping to bring this shift of consciousness. Preparing the way for this wave of consciousness, a pulse of energy, known as the Event. Or even the Changeover. Changeover from one paradigm to another. From the old age, into the new Golden Age.

I am here to witness this, just as you are here to witness this. I am here participating in the ways that I can, just as you are all participating in the ways that you are able.

Know that as the turmoil continues to evolve, across the planet, or as has been said, as the storm moves across the planet. The storm is created by consciousness, just as consciousness, collective consciousness is creating these very physical storms. The earthquakes, volcanoes, that are happening across the planet. And as consciousness raises and continues to raise, these storms will subside. There will be no more. You will find life as you know it now, will be forever changed. Because that is the only thing that can happen.

There must be a complete and utter distruction of the illusion that you have found yourselves in for so long. In the distruction of that illusion, there is a time, not of tranquility, but of turmoil, that will ensue. This is why you prepare, it is why you are preparing the way, being the Wayshowers. This is your mission, and missions, that you are all here for.

I as Aramda, and Sananda, and Ashtar, all the Archangels, the Angels, ALL are here to continue to participate in helping you, not in doing it for you, but helping you bring all of this, all that you have been working for, to fruition. To bring the old tumbling down, and to be ready to forge the new. The new Golden Age, that you are even now, in this moment, and in every moment, hereafter, are creating.

You are creating the future. For yourselves, for your loved ones, or all of mankind. Though in knowing that, continue to create the best future that you can. By right now, living in the present moment, being in the present moment. Doing all that you can to share those moments of joy, with all of your brothers and sisters.

I Am Aramda. I leave you now, but only for a short time. For as I watch from the vantage point of being on my ship, and a part of the Ashtar command, a part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, so too will you, the Earth become one of the members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Even now as I speak, it is all ready beginning, all ready in process. All my peace and love be with all of you. Aramda, out!



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