Higher Levels of Consciousness

thebluerayHigher vibrational energies are without a doubt having an effect on All beings. The union of science and consciousness is also ‘changing’ or becoming more ‘advanced’ as well. The existence and even the every prescence of advanced technology such as anti gravity and sonic healing inspires freedom for new horizons. The connections that are forming are creating bonds between one another on a level that has never before been reached.

Lots of positive change is happing in the external. Amazing truths, known and unknown ranging from Ancient Antarctic artifacts to advanced civilizations subterranean inspires new ways to live and pioneer. Higher vibrational energies allow the opportunity to anchor energies into the Earth and ‘simply’ creates. Awareness of the higher vibrational energies itself is more than enough to actually begin to feel and understand energy itself at a more fundamental level. New insights become more widely available and a wider spectrum of ‘light’ becomes more ‘visible’ and interactive.

The process itself is unfolding like a flower itself unfolding. Life is creating more life, and therefore discovering more about ‘itself’ from a higher dimensional perspective.

The gap between what is possible to create in the 21st century and what we actually capable of creating is massive. Conscious evolution may even be matching the extraordinary rate of innovation occurring on this planet. This message provides the opportunity to tap into the creative energy of the actual application of the new frontier/age of development. There are countless discoveries that will reveal many aspects that impact culture, language, and tradition.

We are learning aspects about the self that are memories as well as ambitions. The applications and the way in which the creativity is united and redefined is the golden opportunity available to All. Being able to actually look through a quantum lens for example will open a whole new world of beings that live in our atmosphere and about our planet. Our own innovation and creativity accelerate the ascension of one another and interaction begins to open up more layers of existence. The possible ways to interact gain more depth and there is more significance in the ‘old ways’ as well as the ‘new’. Abundance becomes commonplace. Joy is a side effect. Bliss generates compassion.

The benevolence factor cascades throughout multiple dimensions radiating benevolence into a living ‘energy’ that is also proportional to the advancement of the sciences and the arts developing and fortifying the schools of excellence that thrived (thrive) during the mightiest times on Gaia. Mysteries that may still exist can be uncovered through the balance achieved by this enlightened collaboration.

The higher incoming energies can even be utilized to balance the surrounding cosmic forces in the cosmos. Perhaps the energy movement may be the hypothesis for how solar systems function: use the energy from the sun and central sun to pull the surrounding planets into a position better suited for life. Aramantana is a perfect environment for ascension. Energy can now be aligned to support the higher vibrational reality. The object with the most mass is no longer the star but the human being, and stars are formed as such. The friction that exist between the polarity of each other can be used as ‘acceleration’ like the acceleration that exists as a comet is ‘slingshot’ around a larger celestial body. Hypothetically speaking, cosmic energy moves faster than the energy that comes from the sun, therefore it’s possible to entrain inertia at cosmic levels.


Christopher Bowen
Director of Project Lightseed.