The Council: Healing the Squirmy Bits

ascended beingsYou have asked another question that would need a book, or several books, to answer. In fact many such books have been written over the centuries. Let us just touch upon some of the more necessary ideas that must be understood.

In much of your world, you have come to see things as either/or. Either something is this or it is not. It is good or it is bad. It is black or it is white. It is good or it is evil. You have built, or been given, inner yardsticks by which you measure and judge everything. The greatest part of those has been given to you by others. Understand that when you first began to explore the world, your only yardstick was whether you liked something or not, whether it hurt you or not. All of the rest has been taught to you by others. We have not said this is good or bad. We said that it is so.

Now, this has left you with a problem that it would be well for you to address, and that is, ‘which of these value judgments do I determine serve me, and which do not?’ This simple question will bring you answers that will serve to free you of a great deal of baggage. And in answering it, you will begin taking back much of the power that you have relinquished to others.

The question above states that “evil is becoming more evil and the good becoming even better”. We would explain what you are seeing in a different light. The most unsavory parts of humanity’s psyche are not becoming more evil. They have existed for thousands of years. They have been well hidden from view for a very long time. But remember that for a long time before that, in many places, they were accepted as ‘the way things were’. What is really happening now is that the rocks and logs are being rolled over and the ugly things are scurrying about in full view. They have been buried, denied, and avoided. But they were always just out of sight.

Similarly, the good is not becoming better. Your perceptions of who you are and what you may be capable of becoming have begun to change. You have begun to see past the limits that you have been taught and that you have accepted. But you (humanity) shudder when you see the squirmy bits that have been hidden inside. The partition you see developing is the reflection of your attempts to push it away and deny its existence.

It needs to be healed. Humanity needs to be healed.

Your mind probably asks, “But how do we do that?” And that question will likely lead you to a feeling of helplessness and frustration, because, after all, you’re just you and you can’t change mankind. Right?

The ‘how’ that you ask about is easily answered, although the mind will very likely rebel against it. We will tell you that you cannot push it away, you cannot bury it, that will solve nothing. It has not. It will not. It is a part of your being. You are fantastic creators. You are powerful far beyond your knowing. The problem is that you can create harm as easily as you can create benefit. And you can choose to benefit only yourselves, or you can choose to benefit everyone, including yourselves.

Now, the second of those choices, choosing to serve all, leads to an expansion of consciousness, and from there a vastly wider horizon of possibility becomes visible. BUT… those possibilities cannot be reached while you drag those hidden, squirmy bits behind you. You must heal them.

You will not heal them if you see them as ‘the evil of those people’. Only in offering up those things from inside yourselves to the Divine will you heal them. When you heal yourself, you give permission for those around you to do the same. One may inspire one. The two may inspire two. Then there will come four. Then eight. You do the math. It won’t take anywhere nearly as long as you may have thought. And we tell you that you are already well on the way.

But in the meantime, all of the squirmy bits must be unearthed. And some of them will be far uglier that you ever let yourselves consider. You will be repulsed. You will want to go into denial. But you, mankind, will do what is necessary. You have made the decision to take the next step in your growth, and your world and your universe is responding.

You have decreed it. And so it is.


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