Caravan of 7000+ Drives Toward U. S. Border: It Could Be The Final Deep State Showdown

realnews source eraoflightThe Facts: The hazards inherent in the caravan of 7000+ migrants that started in Ecuador is being downplayed by mainstream media, who are only talking about it in the context of Donald Trump trying to rally his base with tough immigration talk.

Reflect On: Can we see in this caravan crisis another agenda of the Deep State at play, and notice signs that they may be firing the last of their salvos before they are defeated and the truth is revealed?


You will forgive me if I continue to speak about indications that a Deep State takedown is imminent. It’s just that there are so many signs that the moment is almost upon us, I cannot even keep up with and report on all pertinent events that are happening now, including a shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh I just learned about, and the remarkable apprehending out of nowhere of the ‘fake mail pipe-bomber’ in Broward county, Florida. It is almost laughable that ‘white male’ suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc was caught with spanking new pro-Trump stickers on the windows of his van. And Broward county again? Looks like Sheriff Scott Israel is doing Deep State double-duty.

Anyway, I feel that, in taking up all the headlines in the leadup to the US midterm elections, these events all offer clues for discerning minds that a powerful elite group who have controlled us since long before any of us were born are showing increasingly greater signs of desperation. I welcome dissenting views to this opinion, as I certainly don’t have comprehensive knowledge about what is going on, nor do I have privileged access to insider information. I am just seeing a consistent pattern in the events that are happening, especially in the tone and characterization that mainstream media is bringing to these events.

The Deep State has always played the long game with perception-building. Before the internet, the only widely-heard broadcast voices available were more subtly controlled by the Deep State, who could silence virtually anything and only had to make tweaks in the broadcasts from time to time to maintain their preferred perception. But right now, in having to fight against an awakening community with alternative broadcasting voices gaining increasing power, it seems like the Deep State is throwing everything they can at us all at once. And I simply can’t find any other logical explanation as to the nature and increasing frequency of these events other than that we are seeing the desperate death-throes of a once-powerful beast.

The Caravan

In examining the caravan of people that is coming up from Ecuador that is intent on penetrating into the United States, a little context is helpful. Much has now become known about how the Deep State has used refugee crises and forced immigration to destabilize countries and create greater global power by weakening national sovereignty. The recent refugee and immigration crises in Europe have become a fairly clear sign of this once we look at it through this lens.

The joint strategy of destabilizing a nation like Syria, and then convincing people that they have to leave their homes and make long migration treks to other countries that most of them have never visited in their lives in order for their families to be safe, must be a huge and highly coordinated enterprise. There must be many insiders placed within these ventures to convince people to leave the only homes they have ever known, and take along young children to an unknown territory. There must be a combination of persuasion and force at play, where the fog of background war and related chaos provides excellent cover for the efficient handling of any dissent or opposition to these massive exoduses.

Back in the days of the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings, I was naive enough to believe that these mass demonstrations sprung organically from grassroots movements of awakening masses who had finally had enough. It was eye-opening to see in the aftermath of these protests that greater freedom and prosperity was not gained by the people, and in some cases the levels of government control and oppression became even worse. This is not to say that this movement was completely the work of actors; understand that indeed there was real anger and resolve borne from the suffering and degradation of these populations, and these emotions and the real victims who owned them provided much of the fuel for these massive protests. However, a subtle but powerful hidden hand was in control of the outcomes every step of the way, for a particular purpose that was anything but the liberation of an oppressed people.

The same is true of this caravan coming up from Ecuador. It is surely populated by many people whose passions and pain are real, who are honest refugees escaping either violence or hunger or both. However you start suspecting something else is driving them towards the U. S. border when Mexico offers them asylum, permanent status and job opportunities in Mexico’s southern states and several thousand turn them down. Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Ecuadorian president himself who said that the caravan was “organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela,” so it begins to become clear that some within this caravan, beginning with the charismatic leaders and organizers, have ulterior motives for getting as many people as they can to the US border that has nothing to do with escaping violence and hunger.

Again, these are complex matters: use your discernment, put the pieces together, go with what resonates with you from a bigger-picture perspective. The video below, where you can see VP Pence speaking on the matter and tie-ins with Q-Anon, helps to make many additional connections:

The Mainstream Angle

According to mainstream media, these caravans have been going on for years and rarely get media attention. So why is it getting mainstream media attention now? They are saying that it is Donald Trump who is solely responsible for bringing attention to the caravan as a way to bolster support for the midterm elections. This comes from MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’:

‘This caravan, that Donald Trump keeps talking about, that Fox news keeps talking about, the people on the Right keep talking about, as some last-ditch, desperate, sad, pathetic effort to, again, use non-white people to try to scare white people into voting for Republicans.’

A CBC article entitled ‘Trump strategists see migrant caravan as a political ‘silver bullet’ for U.S. midterms. They might be wrong.’ never actually quotes any particular strategist who characterized the migrant caravan as a ‘silver bullet.’ What it does say is that ‘Los Angeles-based Democratic consultant Jason Levin said it was not a “silver bullet” to energizing Trump’s base.’ This deceptive use of words has become a mainstream norm. CNN even offered a piece entitled ‘The Caravan is Already Here,’ an opinion piece that ties the caravan with the mail bomber in a double-barreled attack on Donald Trump.

If mainstream media is so insistent that this caravan is only considered newsworthy by Donald Trump in an attempt to rally his base, then why do they seem to be talking about it so much? And why did the New York Times send a full-time reporter into South America to walk within the caravan and interview some of the people there? Was it perhaps to bolster the narrative that this is a grassroots movement generated solely by innocent people desperately seeking a better life?

The biggest tell in all this is that if you scan mainstream media (right-leaning Fox News excluded), there is not a single word of concern about the hazards of open borders and the implications of hordes of people making thousand-plus mile trips to the US border expecting refugee sanctuary. Let’s even put aside the notion that there are potentially hidden gang members, criminals, and traffickers blending into those groups. Let’s just talk about the implications of a refugee crisis on the US border and its impact on the capacity to uphold current US immigration laws and discourage precedent-setting actions that will encourage more waves of immigrants flooding the borders.

Mainstream media has been absolutely silent on these matters, matters that any thinking human being would surely admit were real and need to be talked about in any conversation about caravans such as this one approaching the US border. This rather timely tweet by Donald Trump certainly underscores the mainstream hypocrisy in this:

Whether or not the caravan completes the thousand-mile journey from the southern border of Mexico, which it has now breached, to the US border, remains to be seen. But if a significant number of people do make it to the border, it is possible that we will be witnessing one of the last lines of offense launched by the Deep State before they are finally brought down.

The Takeaway

While it is tempting for many of us in the awakening community to simply avoid paying attention to the geopolitical machinations going on right now, an examination of them from a place of objectivity and equanimity can help to give us insights on deeper truths about the human experience. Our growing discernment of acts of deception in the world can only empower us as a collective to move away from the influence of that deception and towards the creation of a world where the truth reigns.



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