Energy Report Update: It’s Ramping Up!

througthelight eraoflightSolar Activity~

2nd rotation around for these two massive coronal holes, in which during the last rotation they expelled a moderate CME! I’m going to say the same will likely happen this time around. These can kick up some craziness with those who are sensitive to energy, but are clueless as to what is occurring on a cosmic grander scale within their bodies. Unfortunately this is when mass shootings seem to escalate as people lose their sh**! This month has been a rash of reported mass shootings and pure craziness in the MSM News. As always, we are aware, but don’t lend our energy to this. We view in an unattached manner, and transmute. Period.

New Moon in Scorpio~

We are in Scorpio season now with New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th. Going into the last Mercury Retrograde of the 2018 year.

This cosmic vibe sets the tone for; speaking your mind, manifesting your dreams, and REviewing what you have accomplished for the 2018 year to progress forward with 2019! Make no mistake that Scorpio energy is fiery, direct, to the point, highly sexual and all of these aspects are sure to surface through this lunation. Keep an eye on frivolous spending, and allowing your eye wonder to the finer things in life, or the grass is greener on the other side mentality. This energy brings forth a spontaneous, “go for it vibe”, but be sure not to jump with both feet in until weighing your pros and cons, or regrets are sure to follow. But.. definitely use this energy to your advantage in going after what you want in a professional, and collaborative manner to boost your “service to others” business! This energy also lends support to getting healthier in mind, body, spirit. You may feel an inner prompting to exercise more, eat healthier and be more mindful of detoxing your system. You will also notice if stubborn weight loss has been plaguing you, it will drop off much easier now between the end of the year as appetites calm down now. It’s all about getting into your proper alignment within.


This is always the time of year when the veil is thinnest, but is the veil really there anymore now, period? No! The veil is always thin for inter-dimensional beings to see and do in these other realms. But you will see a more active spirit realm trying to make contact, as they know this is the time of year they can be most seen, felt and heard to their loved ones who are not sensitive to their daily signs. Take notice of; a book falling and opening to a certain page for a message, a feather in an unusual place, finding dimes and pennies, scents or unusual smells attached to a loved one passed, their song coming on the radio, or the direct telepathic messages you receive. All are important signs your loved ones are near you, comforting you and guiding you on your journey.


November brings an 11 month and 11:11 manifesting energies on November 11th, both 11 and 22 are master numbers in numerology. And this year wraps up with a REVIEW of how well you have Mastered your Metaphysical psychic gifts and abilities. This year was all about MASTERING your gifts and abilities, if you remember me talking about this in January? As your Crystalline Light Body merges mind, body, spirit- Higher Heart to Third Eye, your psychic abilities come back on line, usually after Kundalini Activation/DNA UPgrades. And many more experienced this – this year! This entire year revolved around stepping outside of your comfort zone and putting action to your soul purpose! How far have you come since January? Leaps and bounds I’m sure, as the energy of this year wouldn’t allow anything less in its powerful and transformative ways! Many made residential moves where their soul guided them for the second time since their awakening to realign to their soul’s home to begin. Many switched careers again, and many transitioned to healthy relationships after ending toxic ones in their lives.


As the Holidays approach, it tends to throw Empaths into a sludge of emotional ups and downs feeling the collective vibe and pulse. Remember to transmute through your Higher Heart, through the vibrational frequency of love. Allow these outside emotions to flow through you transmuted and unaffected!

It’s about to get very interesting! As always, go with the flow~ and ride the waves. UP Higher We Go!


On a side note, disclosure is beginning to trickle through a little more in your face! I’d like to share the most recent episode of Ancient Aliens Declassified if you haven’t had a chance to see it! It was the best one that I have seen to date! Click Here to View the Episode!

Sending much love,

Tiffany Stiles Metaphysical Life Coach.



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