Heavenletters: Beloved, Absolutely, Swing on a Star

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, Beloved You, Child of Earth, you are truly a symphony of beauty as I made you. Now you play yourself on the keys of a beautifully polished grand piano. You may tend to play urgently, as if life itself could be endangered. This is more than one way of looking at life. There are many ways to look at life, not all of which do you a whole lot of good.

You may look at life as though you live in a jungle in pitch dark surrounded by wild animals waiting to get their chops on you. You know what fear is. You are well-versed in fear – expert in fact. It may be your own roaring you hear for all you know. Give yourself a vacation from fear. All is well except for the fear you hold tightly to you and replay and replay.

There are also cool waters for you to swim in. There are many streams and lakes you can laze in.

There is also, I, God, nearby the shore. Life is made up of many things. Life is vaster than you let on. Life is indeed a many-splendored thing. Behold life in this way.

What if life is actually on an even keel despite all your fears? Perhaps you produce dangers before you. This could happen, couldn’t it? There are many possible dangers in the middle of a forest that could take place. Why keep thinking of them? Better to slow down the beat of your heart. Become life’s friend.

What if dangers are like a deck of cards stacked up, and each card slides down one after the other in perfect synchronicity, and, yet, your sense of tension keeps building? Tension winds and rewinds itself. You have been proficient in tension and unpracticed in ease.

Let the wind out of your sails. Lean back. Let tension be sprung. “At ease” are words customarily said to soldiers. Don’t see yourself as a soldier fraught on a battlefield. See yourself as someone who relishes life.

“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!”

You are not a balloon to pop. Be intense in joy and nothing less. All aboard to joy. Life isn’t intended to be a lifetime of fret, nor is life to be an indulgence. Find a way to let off steam beforehand. Make your life simple. Whistle as you work.

Start doing cartwheels. Life isn’t mandated to be a crisis.

Laugh. Do not pound the pavement. Be as light as air.

Be in life as a bride in a white sparkly gown, walking down a circular staircase serenely arm in arm with her new husband to a round of applause from loved ones. Applaud yourself. Go from tense to elegant – why not?

Exercise at the gym and get unholy tension out of you, or start singing for all you are worth. Rest in Me. Do everything for Me. Ballroom dance even in your imagination.

Shake a leg. No longer build tension. No longer argue with yourself over what could happen.

Release tension in service to Me. Be done with nerves on edge. What do you want to keep nervousness for? Bring on peace and no longer consternation.

Crisis isn’t to be your forte in life. Start over. Set your compass in a new direction. The purpose of life isn’t to make you upset. Where did you ever get that idea?

Be effortless. Be young again. You know enough. Live life. Don’t live life hard with speculation. Frolic in life like a playful goat.

Look, listen! Beloved, absolutely, swing on a star.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff